YBIM received the Brand Laureate Award “World Halal Best Brands”

Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia has been selected to receive the Brand Laureate award “World Halal BestBrands” from The BrandLaureate Awards. We would like to say a million thanks for this recognition and would like to dedicate this award to all our staff and volunteers, benefactors and parties who has supported all our efforts all this time. With this award, it will surely encourage us to work even harder for the good of the poor and the needy regardless of religious background, race and descent. This coincides with our slogan which is “Everything for Ansaf”

Dato’ Sr. Rosli Atan (right), Chairman of YBIM received the “World Halal Best Brands” Brand Laureate Award in the “Brand Leaderships” category from Brand Laureate Chairman Dato’ KK Johan