Vision and Mission


Building a prosperous & sustainable life of the Ummah.


Providing assistance to the asnaf in various aspects, especially those who are marginalized through the following programs:

  • Program Pembasmian Kemiskinan (Poverty Eradication Program) among the asnaf in the form of finance, facilities, equipment, motivation and guidance as well as development training
  • Program Bantuan Pendidikan (Education Assistance Program) for the asnaf on an ongoing basis in terms of finance, equipment, learning facilities and guidance.
  • Intensify the Dakwah Program through various mediums among the asnaf to curb the deviation of faith and unhealthy social issues
  • Disaster & Emergency Assistance Program for the asnaf affected by any form of disaster in terms of finance, equipment, facilities, motivation and guidance
  • Mosque & Surau Rehabilitation Assistance Program that lacks basic facilities and is needed by the community