Allah SWT said which means: “The comparison (donation) of a person who spends his wealth in the way of Allah, is like a seed that grows and produces seven stalks; each stalk contains a hundred seeds. And (remember), Allah multiplies the reward for whomever He wills, and Allah is Wide (grace) in His grace, and covers His knowledge.” (Surah al-Baqarah, verse 261)

When we are blessed with abundant sustenance, have we ever felt a twinge in our hearts..

“Is it all mine, or should it actually be shared with other people?”

The practice of charity is closely related to the faith of a Muslim. Every charity received by Allah SWT, He will reciprocate and ‘pay it’ in the world again.

It has been guaranteed that every treasure that is spent in the way of God will be rewarded many times over.

That is God’s promise in the Qur’an that whoever gives charity in the way of God, He will replace it with a minimum reward of 10 times the reward while the maximum is 700 times.

Many asnaf are tested with various tests in this life, especially financial and health tests. This causes them to live in cramped conditions, even if only to provide the basic necessities of life.

The food served is a luxury, not a basic necessity.

The rumbling of a hungry stomach is like a daily melody.

The roof that protects from rain and heat leaks in the scorching sun.

The comfort of family and children is sometimes very far away.

The asnaf’s ability to get out of the grip of the shackles of poverty is hindered by personal health.

Sensitive to the various challenges faced by asnaf, YBIM gathers the stories of asnaf through the publication of Suara Asnaf magazine.

Suara Asnaf acts as a complete portal for people who want to donate part of their wealth.

The authenticity of each asnaf’s story is verified before being published on the Suara Asnaf portal.

Snippets of Asnaf's life stories

A young man is bedridden due to a bacterial infection in the brain

This 32-year-old, who used to be cheerful, is now bedridden due to a bacterial infection in the brain for the past month. Azmer Idris, now unable to move, speak and needs to be monitored at all times to avoid any complications. He, who previously worked as a tailor, often complained of headaches and fever. However, Azmer’s health deteriorated so much that he had to be admitted to Melaka Hospital twice, in March and May last year. The doctor informed him that his brain was infected with germs and after being discharged from the hospital, his condition worsened so much that he had to use crutches to walk. His condition worsened before he was admitted to Penang Hospital (HPP) and was in a coma for three weeks. He was no longer able to speak after returning home and only his eyes moved as if responding when called by a family member. This young man is now managed by his sister, Azira, who is responsible for changing Azmer’s disposable diapers and giving him special milk once every three hours as well as medicines according to the prescribed dosage, in addition to sucking phlegm once a month through his pierced throat. Azmer’s body also needs to be kept moist at all times to reduce the feeling of heat to prevent him from experiencing cramps or seizures. Azmer is no longer able to swallow food and now only drinks special milk through a special tube installed in his nose. A can of special milk only lasts for three days while disposable diapers also need to be changed two to three times a day. Excludes mattress pads, sputum tubes and drinking tubes that need to be replaced in addition to gloves and a few other necessities. At least, RM1,000 is needed every month not including the ambulance rental to take Azmer to the hospital for follow-up examination. Because his father and brothers only worked as grave diggers, they had to save money in order to collect money to buy Azmer’s necessities.


Elderly people take care of elderly husbands, visually impaired sisters-in-law

Although the strength of this elderly person is not as strong, but the spirit and positive attitude in taking care of her husband who suffers from various chronic diseases including heart problems, lung problems, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, in addition to taking care of her sister-in-law who has been suffering from vision problems for the past 20 years. Halimah Ahmad, 67, is busy taking care of her husband, Ibrahim Hussain, 77, and sister-in-law, Jahara, 73, who is getting chewed up by age. More worrisome, when Ibrahim’s health has deteriorated over the past five or six months. In fact, recently he had difficulty breathing so he had to rent a breathing aid for RM500 a month. He has trouble sleeping and needs a high pillow to lean on every night so he can breathe better. Ibrahim who works as a taxi driver and fisherman but now, income is no longer earned due to illness. Since his movement is now limited, this elderly man has to rely on his wife’s help to take care of himself, including bathing and changing disposable diapers three to four times a day. The required monthly expenses of RM1,000 include paying for the rental of breathing aids, disposable diapers and waterproof liners. Ibrahim does not have a pension and has not applied for help from any government agency and is very hopeful if there is someone willing to help ease the financial burden borne by his family.


A single mother perseveres in taking care of her sick mother, sister and son with cerebral palsy

The life of Umi Kalsum Ree, 60, is like eating breakfast in the morning, eating dinner in the evening due to no job as she has to concentrate on taking care of her mother, Romlah Saad, 83, who is frail and suffering from various chronic diseases. More touching, this woman was also tested when her second child, Norjan Ahmad, 37, and her youngest sister, Ainul Nadiah Ree, 38, were each bedridden due to cerebral palsy and needed full attention because they were unable to take care of themselves. He cannot go out to work because all three of them need close attention, not to mention his mother suffers from various chronic diseases including heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. The four of them only depend on the help of the Penang Zakat (ZPP) and the Social Welfare Department (JKM), each of RM500 a month to continue living. However, the help received is not enough considering that the disabled child only drinks special milk that costs almost RM100 per can as he cannot eat solid food due to the health problems he is facing. Because of that, Norjan is only able to drink milk through a tube and has to use disposable diapers all the time. In order to ensure that Norjan gets enough nutrients, Umi Kalsum needs to prepare about 15 cans of milk per month for Norjan. Given the high prices and no source of income, this woman had a financial decision and had to replace milk with boiled rice water. However, his son had diarrhea after drinking the boiled water. Although it is sad to see her son’s condition like this, Umi Kalsum has no other choice. There is no money in hand, and his son is starving. Umi Kalsum would be pleased if anyone is willing to help, especially milk supplies and disposable diapers for Norjan and Ainul Nadiah because both of them are disabled disabled and unable to take care of themselves.


Looking with wide eyes for a banana leaf for a bite of rice

Even though his hair is white and full of gray hair, this man is willing to open his eyes and take a wage to find forest banana leaves for survival. Realizing that his energy and strength are diminishing since he has reached 70 years of age, Mohd Yusuff Noon, has no choice but to work hard in his advanced age for a bite of rice. In order to support life in his twilight years with his wife, with limited resources, this ex-fisherman dared to ride a motorcycle to the hilly area of ​​Teluk Kumbar in Balik Pulau, Penang looking for forest banana leaves to meet the demands of two regular customers who sell nasi lemak around Teluk Kumbar. Realizing at his golden age he should have rested and studied religion, but this former fisherman had no choice but to sweat for a bite of rice due to the increase in the cost of living. Mohd Yusuff, who goes out looking for banana leaves three or four days a week, is only able to collect about 50 kilograms of banana leaves in a four-hour period, considering that the job requires a lot of energy and strength, as a result, it takes him a long time to arrange the banana leaves that are ready to be cut. before being tightly tied. Through sales, he earns about RM200 a month. Although grateful to still be able to earn a living, this man admits that his income is not enough to cover the lives of his wife and husband. Because of that, his wife Asiah also took the wages of babysitting a small child to increase their income. However, this couple had to tie their stomachs and save as much as possible because the income earned was used to pay house rent amounting to RM250 per month, electricity and water bills, food and kitchen items.


2 siblings with heart disease, chronic diabetes patient father stroke, kudung

While other young people are chasing opportunities to get a better life, these two brothers spend their days devotedly caring for their father who was left homeless due to a stroke that left him paralyzed on one side of his body, October last year. More touching, their father’s fate was like falling down the stairs when his right leg had to be amputated to save his life due to a bacterial infection due to diabetes that he had suffered for a long time. Muhamad Zainudin, 27, said that even though he also suffers from diabetes and his younger brother, Nor Syakira, 20, who is also hearing impaired, these two brothers remain devoted to taking care of their father Zakaria Putra Ali’s needs, eating and drinking. 68, including bathing, changing disposable diapers in addition to tirelessly moving his paralyzed legs and arms. Despite having an illness at a young age, it did not stop these two brothers from proving their undying love for their father. The task of taking care of the father has to be done together since his younger sister also suffers from heart disease since the baby was unable to lift his father alone. Since Muhamad Zainudin and Noor Syakira are not working, their three children are supported by his two brothers. Muhamad Zainudin is still grateful that both his brothers are willing to support them even though their income is not much and they are already married. With the money they received, they split the expenses of buying food in addition to disposable diapers, which cost more than RM500 a month.


25-year-old grandmother is bedridden, asking for help with diapers, mattress pads

Living a daily life just lying in bed for the past 25 years is not an easy thing, however, Rodiah Kassim, 80, remained steadfast and accepted the test of Allah SWT calmly despite living a life unlike other people with the company of her husband, Abdul Rashid Saad, 83 , who faithfully accompanies and is patient in managing himself who only lies down every day. This elderly person was paralyzed after a fall in 1972. Since that incident, he is no longer able to move his legs and only lies down or on his side. To make matters worse, his chronic asthma made it more difficult for him to move. In fact, the limited movement makes Rodiah unable to sit for long because his back will hurt more. Due to the fact that he couldn’t bear the pain, he was more comfortable sitting even when eating. Rodiah informed that he was also diagnosed with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and heart problems. In addition to being paralyzed, he also suffered from hemorrhoids and a urinary tract infection for so long that he had to use disposable diapers. In fact, Rodiah also uses a catheter tube (urinary tube) which needs to be changed every two weeks. due to their advanced age, this couple informed that they did not receive any financial assistance from the authorities, even though the monthly expenses were quite high. Because her husband is unable to change the urinary tube, there is a nurse who comes to change the tube for a fee of RM100 per month, All the necessary equipment and items must be bought by yourself. Rodiah’s necessities such as disposable diapers, special milk and mattress pads require a monthly expenditure of RM800. In her twilight years and with no source of income, Rodiah admits that the expenses of RM800 a month are very high considering that they do not get any help. Even sadder, this elderly couple only eats rice with vegetables and soy sauce when the money in hand starts to shrink. But they are still grateful to be able to fill their stomachs and not have to starve.


A frail elderly man takes care of his wife after a stroke

Love reaches heaven. On the basis of love, Yahya Ahmad, 73, or more affectionately refers to himself as Pak Ya, faithfully takes care of his wife, Shamsiah Awang, 71, who has been bedridden due to a stroke for the past nine months, even though she is in a state of infirmity and suffers from kidney disease that causes her body to bend over and swollen feet. Shamsiah suffered a stroke after having a high fever in November last year which left her bedridden and had to rely on her husband’s help completely as she lost the ability to move and manage herself. Throughout the time his wife was bedridden, Pak Ya sacrificed a lot of time and energy to look after and manage Shamsiah’s needs such as cleaning the body, changing disposable diapers and making milk for his wife since they were not blessed with the light of day. Since Pak Ya’s power is limited, Shamsiah’s condition is very sad. His arms and legs that were not moved caused them to stiffen and stiffen. Even his legs were black and rotting due to bacterial infection in the wounds that were not cleaned perfectly. The effect of the injection on the hand when receiving treatment in the hospital also rotted due to the diabetes he had been suffering from for a long time. Due to not being able to lift his wife, Pak Ya only wiped his body and cleaned Shamsiah with a wet tissue after defecating. Since Shamsiah can no longer receive food, he now only depends on milk to survive. Every day Pak Ya will give milk five times every three hours which is poured through a tube attached to his wife’s nose. Pak Ya said the cost of taking care of his wife every month exceeds RM1,000 including buying wet tissues, disposable diapers and special milk costing RM96 a can which can only last for four days. Every month he has to buy about seven cans of milk. As he is old, he is no longer able to earn a living and only hopes for help to buy things for the husband and wife.


Tie the belly to raise three grandchildren after the child took its last breath

Out of unconditional love for their three grandchildren, this married couple doesn’t care if they have to tie their stomachs to ensure their welfare is maintained. For Rosmadi Hashim, 58 and Faridah Ramlee, 60, the task of looking after their growing grandchildren is not easy, but the trust they are responsible for is still shouldered well even though they no longer have the strength to bang bones to ensure their kitchen is smoky and meet all their needs. Her three grandchildren, aged 12, 9 and 6, became the responsibility of this couple after their daughter, Faradila, died three years ago from ovarian cancer. Their lives are getting tighter considering Rosmadi who works as a fisherman with an uncertain income. Health problems with the strength not being as strong as before made Rosmadi and Faridah worry about the fate of their grandchildren. Worryingly, Rosmadi, who suffers from back pain, has not been out to sea for two months following the breakdown of his employer’s boat. Because of that, this family had to save money and tie their stomachs to ensure that their grandchildren could continue schooling. In fact, to avoid waste they have to eat reheated food repeatedly if there is a side dish that is not eaten. The couple is getting restless thinking about their youngest grandchild who will enter school next year. There is no doubt that schooling expenses are increasing.


Men suffer from pain as if the skin is pricked, pricked by a needle

Starting with a small sore on his arm, Nofrizal Sofyan Effendy, 48, had to bear the agony when the wound spread to the rest of his body causing his skin to turn red like a burn and blister for the past three months. The situation also resulted in his body being full of sores so that he was no longer able to earn a living because the disease he suffered not only made Nofrizal uncomfortable and feel pain, but both of his legs also swelled to the point of limiting movement and had to hope for help wife, Maya Suryani Sumiran, 35, after not being able to get up or sit on her own. Various efforts were made by his wife to treat Nofrizal, including going to the clinic and trying traditional medicine, even though his skin condition remained the same, but Maya Suryani never gave up, especially in seeking the best treatment to ensure that her husband recovered as usual. The disease caused by the varicella zoster virus causes Nofrizal’s body temperature to be constantly hot causing his skin to blister and burn until it turns red. Even more sad is Nofrizal, who has been supporting his family with his income from the fruit business, is no longer able to earn a living after being bedridden, leaving his family with no source of income. The father of two’s condition is getting worse, his skin always feels hot and burns and feels like a lemon has been squeezed and it feels like it’s been pricked with a needle. He also has trouble sleeping and sometimes rants, in fact, his mouth is also full of ulcers making it difficult for him to swallow even soft food like porridge. The family’s financial problems worsened after Nofrizal suffered from a mysterious illness that forced his wife to pawn her jewelry and their savings were also used up to pay for medical expenses. Given the condition of his blistered skin and wounds, he needs to be washed to prevent infection. His wife had to get the services of a private doctor who came to the house to wash the wound for RM100 in addition to having to use a special cream that cost RM150 every day. Adding to the worry, in addition to treatment costs, this couple has to support two young children aged five and two and a 63-year-old mother-in-law. Maya Suryani is more stressed considering that their house rent has also been in arrears for seven months with a total of RM1,800 since last February, after her husband was ill.


Busking is a livelihood for a disabled man to support his family after losing his job

Even though they were not gifted with the sense of sight in the journey of life in the world, Suhaimi Bakar, 53 and his wife, Rodziyah Nayan, 59, are always grateful for other blessings bestowed by Allah SWT even though sometimes their lives are troubled and face challenges. Although not perfect like other people, Suhaimi is very grateful for being blessed with good health without any serious illness. Armed with strength and good health, this man made it easy for him to earn a living for his family by being a street singer or ‘busker’ at the night market in Teluk Kumbar and the morning market in Bayan Baru, for the past 10 years. The God-given talent is now the main source of income for their family after quitting their job at a glove factory in Bayan Lepas. Although the income obtained is not as much, but this father of two children always believes in the sustenance determined by Allah SWT. His income depends on the donations of the public, there are days when many donations are received, and there are times when there are no donations at all, especially when it rains and the weather is not good, causing him not to be able to go to the market to perform. Suhaimi, who has been blind since birth, admits that her family was greatly affected when the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago, especially during the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) since she could not go out to sing so the family had to save and limit their expenses in order to survive while waiting. the situation is back to normal. With the increase in the price of goods and the cost of living, Suhaimi admitted that her monthly income of RM650 from singing could only buy equipment and kitchen items, not including food expenses and expensive e-hailing fares to commute to the market. But he had no choice.


The disabled couple lost their source of income after being laid off

Although their condition is not perfect, for Yahya Muda, 57, and Siti Selamah Mohd Khairaini, 54, who suffer from vision problems and physical disabilities, their lack of self is not an obstacle for this disabled couple (OKU) to experience happiness. The happy marriage that was built 22 years ago, was not graced with the presence of the light of day, but they are still grateful to God’s decree for having a life partner despite their lack of self. However, the couple’s happiness was tested when Yahya was laid off after 22 years of service as a result of the box factory where he made his living had to close at the end of 2017. Until now, Yahya has not worked. It’s not that he didn’t try to find another job, but the factors of his age and disability made no employers want to hire him. In order to continue living, this married couple had to rely on the monthly assistance of the Department of Social Welfare (JKM). Realizing that there is no source of income or children to depend on, they are very thrifty and minimize monthly expenses as much as possible. Both of them are not fussy in choosing food and eat anything as long as they are full. In fact, there are times when they only eat bread to fill their stomachs.


Disabled women are worried about not being able to raise RM15,000 for surgery costs

The suffering this woman endured is difficult to describe in words, but all challenges are willing to be overcome for the sake of the children and beloved mother. Nor Azwa Azmi, 41, not only suffers from kidney disease, but the high blood pressure and diabetes that she has been suffering from for the past three years have become chronic, resulting in her left leg having to be amputated in 2019 due to complications from diabetes and needing immediate treatment. In a state of deprivation forced the mother of this steadfast woman, Wan Salmah Hashim, 65, to take over the task of looking after her youngest child, Nik Nurul Nabila Nik Hamzah, 14, who has been disabled in both legs since birth and needs to be monitored at all times. Nor Azwa’s health level is becoming more and more worrying. He needs to raise RM15,000 to cover the cost of surgery to install a tube on his left arm which is swollen due to the side effects of kidney dialysis since 2019. The surgery is necessary to prevent the infection from spreading. In fact, the dialysis process performed on his right chest caused his face and legs to swell. The use of the tube in the chest can be stopped and at the same time, the swelling problem on the face and hands will also disappear if the surgery to install the tube on the left arm can be done immediately. Describing her life as falling down the stairs, Nor Azwa was confused about how to get the requested amount because apart from the main surgery, the cost will increase with follow-up treatment procedures. With the condition of his amputated leg causing his movement to be limited and unable to work, because of that he does not know how to find money to cover the cost of surgery because the income earned by his eldest son, Nik Nasrul Najmi, 21, who only takes a daily wage is only enough to cover his food needs drink them four children. This resilient woman hopes that there are caring people who are willing to help her so that she can undergo surgery immediately since the monthly aid received from the Penang Zakat (ZPP) and the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) has been used to buy medicine, diapers and special milk for her youngest child.


Elderly people with breast cancer dream of repairing the poor house

What mother’s heart is not touched by anxiety, especially when she remembers her youngest child is a disabled person (OKU), especially when she is fighting breast cancer. Roslinah A Kadir, 62, hopes that the three children who were raised with love can continue living independently without expecting anyone’s mercy, even if she is no longer in this world, one day. Even though all three of her children are already working, as a mother, this woman still carries out the responsibility of providing a good life for the gem of the heart that is the symbol of the sacred bond of love between her and her late husband who died three years ago. Proud of herself who has been chewed up by age plus suffering from the main killer disease of women in this country, this single mother still perseveres in smashing her four-carat bones to produce banana chips for a bite of rice, even though she now has difficulty standing for long periods of time. The cancer that she suffered from in her left breast for the past 16 years, made her weaker and weaker, not to mention that she also suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. Even more annoying, the doctor informed that her right breast is believed to have a small tumor in the past year. In a state where she is often unhealthy, Roslinah always prays that her wish to provide a fully equipped home for her three children is granted by God before she closes her eyes. It’s not that he’s not grateful to have a shelter, however, his late father-in-law’s estate is now getting worse. The front part of the old house collapsed due to being soaked in flood water for too long, causing the wood of the house to rot and collapse little by little. It’s not that she didn’t try to repair the dilapidated house, but in her often unhealthy state, Roslinah was powerless to produce chips to sell. This tenacious woman does not want to beg, but if anyone wants to lend a helping hand to repair the house, she will accept it with open arms.


Disabled mothers are unable to pay their rent arrears

Lack of self is not an obstacle for Siti Rodhiah Kamaruddin, 38, as a person with disabilities (OKU) to raise children including easing her husband’s responsibility to earn a living for the family. Her husband, Aminur Al-Hafiz Roslee, 37, now only depends on a part-time job that is paid daily. Aminur Al-Hafiz lost his source of regular income after being laid off when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented in March 2020, causing this family to face the problem of eight months of house rent arrears. Not without effort, Aminur Al-Hafiz is content to find a new source of income after being laid off as a truck driver due to the MCO, but has yet to find a permanent job. Since her husband has not yet found a permanent job, the family is now only dependent on the income of Siti Rodhiah who works as a Religious Class teacher and Fardu Ain on contract with a monthly salary of RM1,050. The family’s expenses are increasing since Siti Rodhiah just gave birth to her fourth child on April 2. The income earned by Siti Rodhiah is certainly not sufficient considering that the eldest and second children already attend a kindergarten with a fee of RM300 in addition to the house rent of RM380, while monthly expenses such as milk, disposable diapers and food and drink almost reach RM1,500 every month. More sadly, the couple, who have four sons between the ages of two months and six years, were suspected when their eldest son was diagnosed with autism and is currently being monitored by the hospital, while the third one-year-old child has lung problems that require special monitoring and examination by medical experts. every month. Due to the health problems experienced by the two jewels of his heart, Aminur al-Hafiz needs a suitable job so that he can work while managing his family to ease the work of his wife who has deficiencies in her fingers and toes.


Elderly widow living alone appeals for help with disposable diapers

Rahamah Brahan, 74, is waiting for the time to be ‘invited’ home after losing a place to depend on and living a lonely life, after her beloved husband left to answer God’s call, last month. Despite living in poverty, Rahamah, who affectionately refers to herself as Mak Long, and her late husband are very happy sailing the boat of marriage with her husband for more than 50 years, even though the sacred bond is not brightened by the light of day. Mak Long, who suffers from diabetes, does not seek treatment but instead just takes care of her diet to stay healthy because she does not want to trouble anyone, especially the neighbors, to take her to the clinic. Refusing to solicit sympathy and begging, Mak Long will eat whatever food is left in her house such as biscuits or bread to fill her stomach when she runs out of kitchen items. He who is on crutches now has to wear disposable diapers especially at night as his limited mobility makes it difficult for him to go to the toilet. However, the financial problems he faced as a result of not being able to earn a living made him often cut off the supply of disposable diapers. This elderly man had to brave himself to get up to go to the toilet, since his diabetes caused him to wake up frequently to urinate. Due to not being able to go back and forth to the toilet regularly, this woman appealed for the help of disposable diapers. In addition to needing help with disposable diapers, he is also appealing for help to repair the roof of his house which is leaking and needs to be replaced. Given her limited self-ability, this old woman who used to work as a cleaner, had to place a bucket under the badly leaking roof to prevent water from pooling on the floor. He really hopes that someone with a noble heart can help him replace the leaky roof immediately.


The garden house became a shelter for 6 children due to financial problems

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic and the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March 2020 changed the lives of Nurul Sakinah Mat Najir, 32, and her family. As a result of the killer epidemic, her husband Mohamed Zakari Abdul Hamid, 47, lost his source of income when a development project managed by her husband at a tahfiz center in Rawang, Selangor had to be stopped. Starting from that moment, this couple’s project at the tahfiz center had to be stopped. Starting from that moment, this couple began to face financial problems that forced them to migrate to Rembau, Negeri Sembilan to start a new life. There they take wages doing village work to support the family. Although the income is not luxurious, they can still live comfortably, but the situation did not last long when the MCO was once again implemented, causing this couple to rely on the public’s sympathy to fill their stomachs when they lost their source of income. Financial problems are getting more and more pressing until they are unable to repay the house rent which only amounts to RM100 per month. In an urgent situation, there was an individual who offered a small hut for them to shelter. This family is very grateful even though the little paradise is only able to protect them from the rain and heat. It is even more comforting when they are allowed to live there without having to pay rent. Mohamed Zakari now works as a gardener in addition to taking grass cutting and carpentry wages from the villagers. Despite the uncertain monthly income of between RM500 and RM600, this couple tries to ensure that their four children can study perfectly. They are willing to sacrifice and tie their stomachs to ensure that the children excel in their studies.


Woman victim while looking after two children with autism, heart hole

As a normal human being, Zuraini Abdul Hamid, 41, admits that there are times when his emotions fluctuate, but he accepts the challenges of life with an open heart when two God-given eyes suffer from various diseases. She and her husband, Mohd Amin Mamat, 44, were tested when their second son, Muhammad Harith Mustaqim, 12, was diagnosed with autism and ‘attention deficit hyperactive disorder’ (ADHD) syndrome or hyperactivity since childhood. Even though they have reached the realm of teenagers, the jewels of their hearts are not able to manage themselves and behave like children between three and four years old. The disease caused Muhammad Harith Mustaqim to easily ‘tantrum’ and very sensitive. His will is difficult for others to understand due to his speech not being as clear as other children’s. In fact, he can throw a tantrum at any time. The test faced by this married couple became more difficult when their youngest child, Nur Afeeya Haura, 8 months old, was diagnosed with a perforated heart disease since birth. The condition of the two children who are suffering from diseases that require full attention makes it difficult for Zuraini to divide the time to take care of them. These two heavenly children need to spend almost RM1,000 a month to undergo check-ups at the hospital and special milk. However, Mohd Amin’s income, who works in a factory, is not enough, causing Zuraini to give his son ordinary powdered milk to save money. In addition, Nur Afeeya Haura always goes back and forth to the hospital every month as the specialist wants to monitor the condition of the heart before this baby undergoes surgery when he is nine months old. The monthly examination is also done because the specialist wants to see if the hole in question can be closed on its own before undergoing the surgery.


A young man was left with a fractured skull involved in a road accident

It never crossed the mind of the youngest sister who used to be cheerful and always the family entertainer, now lying without any response. He is no longer able to present the sweet smile that used to never leave his lips. Fendy Manshor, 20, lost his teenage life after being involved in a road accident that almost took his life, last January. As a result of the incident, the youngest of the six siblings is now lying in a semi-conscious state after his skull fractured. Fendy did not react when his name was called or when his body was touched. The responsibility of taking care of Fendy mainly involves medical costs, special milk supplies, disposable diapers and ambulance fees every time he gets follow-up treatment at Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA), Johor Bahru borne by his sisters and brothers. Every time it is necessary to go to HAS, the round-trip ambulance cost reaches up to RM1,600 because Fendy’s case is under HSA’s monitoring since the accident happened on the North-South Highway in Kulaijaya, Johor. As a result of the accident, Fendy lost a lot of blood due to hitting his head on a rock after the helmet he was wearing came off. Before the accident, Fendy was on his way back to his family’s house at Felda Palong 12, Jempol by riding a motorcycle. In addition to the skull on the left side having to be removed, the young man’s left cheekbone was also broken. The doctor also informed that Fendy’s left eye suffered from nerve damage and was even at risk of blindness. After two weeks of treatment at HSA, the family decided to transfer Fendy to Hospital Tuanku Jaafar (HTJ) Seremban to make it easier for them to take care of him because they live in Negeri Sembilan and Fendy can easily be rushed to the hospital in the event of an emergency. The task of taking care of Fendy is now done by his mother and elder sister.


Disabled woman kept her dream of building a room for the comfort of her four children

A road accident 14 years ago changed the life of Nur Hajar Salim, 32. Not only did she lose her right leg after being run over by a trailer loaded with concrete, but her husband who had been married for two months also died in an accident in Permatang Tok Gelam. , Penaga, Berang Perai Utara. This tenacious woman never expected to face a tough test and is enjoying married life with her loved ones. To be honest, Nur Hajar lost her way after the tragedy because everything happened in the blink of an eye, however, she gathered the remaining strength to get back up and continue living. She began to taste happiness when she was destined to meet her soulmate again with Hairull Amri Azmi, in 2010. As a result of a life partnership that has now reached 12 years, Nur Hajar and her husband are blessed with four sons aged between 8 and 12 years. The six children now live in the family’s heirloom house, but because the house has no rooms, Nur Hajar had to turn the kitchen into a room, while part of the living room was used as a kitchen since her children were growing up. Nur Hajar and her husband have the desire to renovate the house, however, they are only able to keep wishful thinking since the financial situation does not allow it. Apart from the comfort factor of the children who are growing up, the main reason he wants to do the renovation is because he is worried that the house will be flooded since it is built in a low-lying area, causing the area to be easily flooded even if it rains only for a few minutes. home to help increase the income of her husband who only works as a production operator, Nur Hajar said she runs a burger business near home. However, his income was severely affected due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) after the country was hit by the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago, causing the family to sit in the dark because they could not pay the electricity bill. He also faced difficulties in raising children given the unstable financial situation. This woman chose to do burger business because there are not many employers who want to employ people with disabilities (OKU), and even the level of public sensitivity towards people with disabilities is still low, making it difficult for Nur Hajar to find a job that promises a monthly salary.


Three children suffer from ‘shrinking’ brain disease

This man’s heart was broken when his two eyes that were born perfect suddenly lost the ability to move and are now forced to use a wheelchair after being attacked by a genetic disease that causes their brains to ‘shrink’ slowly. The suspicion faced by Mokhtar Parman, 58, was very heavy when his eldest child, Emmy Roshayda, 36, and second child, Mohd Herdi Johan, 33, who were born perfect, suddenly contracted a disease that is very rare in this country. More heartbreaking, when his wife, Aziah Yaacob, 55, was also bedridden for more than 10 years due to the same illness. The illness that befell his children and wife happened suddenly without any early signs. Aziah used to be healthy and worked as a laboratory assistant at a school. But the situation changed after the doctor confirmed that he had a ‘shrinking’ brain disease so he had to stop working. Now his wife can no longer speak and is bedridden and needs help to take care of herself. Medical experts informed that only a miracle could cure the three of them because so far there is no cure for the disease. Meanwhile, Emmy Roshayda began experiencing the same fate as Aziah after giving birth to her child, eight years ago. Emmy Roshayda, started to lose her body balance until she had to use a wheelchair in 2016 after she was no longer able to walk. Currently, Emmy Roshayda is still able to manage herself, she just needs to be monitored as her hands are getting weaker. Despite using an automatic wheelchair with a control switch for the past three years, but due to the weakness of his hands, he has difficulty controlling the vehicle. At the moment, Emmy Roshayda is only undergoing physiotherapy to ensure that her muscles can function and slow down the process of the brain ‘shrinking’. There is no treatment method to cure the disease even though Emmy Roshayda’s blood samples were taken and brought to the United Kingdom for testing. But there is still no solution. His health is deteriorating, although it is happening gradually, but now his eyes are also getting blurry and his speech is getting slurred because his voice is starting to deepen although he can still be understood. Muhammad Herdi Johan started experiencing the same symptoms as his mother and sister four years ago. This young man was very active and became the hope of the family before he was attacked by the strange disease. In the early stages, he could not control his body coordination and his health deteriorated so much that he had to use a wheelchair to move around. Muhammad Herdi Johan can still take care of himself even if he has to go to the bathroom. However, Muhammad Herdi’s hand is getting weaker and is no longer strong enough to move the wheelchair manually. These three children did not suffer from any chronic health problems, only faced difficulty in moving. As a father, Mokhtar still hopes to see his children and wife recover as before even though there is no medicine or treatment method to recover them.


Baju kurung used complementary 1 Syawal single mother, child

While Muslims are busy preparing various equipment ahead of the Aidilfitri celebration, on the other hand this single mother had to wear a used baju kurung that was obtained for free on the morning of 1 Syawal due to not being able to make any preparations due to the loss of her source of income. Even though he was only wearing a used shirt, he was not ashamed because it was still in good condition and very valuable to him. Despite facing various bitter trials, Zuhaila Mat Isa, 46, is very grateful because she and her only child, Nur Kasih Iman Abdullah, 6, still have a place to shelter even though their ‘mahligai’ is actually part of the kitchen that was converted into a room five years ago. Bringing herself back to the state of her birth after facing the grief episode of being divorced by her ex-husband in 2016, Zuhaila decided to stay in the restaurant as she could not afford the rent as she had no job after moving from Kuala Lumpur. Refusing to burden her siblings, this steadfast woman chose to live there since it was abandoned when her late father died. Because there was no source of income, Zuhaila could not afford to make any modifications, but instead only moved some appliances so that there was room for the two of them to sleep in the kitchen. Even though the situation is uncomfortable and suitable for growing his heart’s jewels, the ‘mahligai’ did a lot of good and protected the two children from getting wet from the rain and being burned by the heat of the sun. Despite being a single mother, Zuhaila does not want to solicit sympathy and beg, not to mention trouble others. To make ends meet, he sells single rice, shrimp noodles, fried rice and several other menus in front of the restaurant. Starting a business as early as 10 in the morning until late at night, but the income is not much. Armed with RM500 earned every month, he had to save money as the money earned was not enough to cover expenses plus the increase in the cost of living made financial problems even more pressing. Because of that, he tried his best to save money in managing monthly expenses by making cheap canned sardines and eggs as regular meals for the two children. The financial burden is even more pressing as Zuhaila had to temporarily stop her business during Ramadan as her stall was not visited by customers due to the dumping of the Ramadan Bazaar. Due to the loss of her livelihood, this woman was unable to prepare to celebrate Aidilfitri and instead had to use cheap glasses bought at a convenience store to do her daily business due to the cataract disease she suffered from. However, due to the cheap price, the vision is not very clear, but at least it helps Zuhaila move nimbly preparing food for sale. Unfortunately, in addition to blurred vision, low blood pressure and fatigue also limit the movement of this woman.


Willing to sacrifice work, take care of abandoned mother

For the sake of his loved ones, Muhammad Khairi Kamal, 28, is willing to quit work to take care of his mother, Patimah Mohamad, 61, who is bedridden and partially paralyzed after suffering a stroke since last November. The priceless sacrifice was made to ensure that his mother, who was no longer able to manage herself, received proper attention and care. Although the elderly woman is no longer perfect, this young man is very grateful to still have a mother. He who works as a sweeper, decided to quit his job to take care of his mother who is no longer able to do anything. As a result of the attack, the left side of the elderly woman’s body was paralyzed and difficult to move, causing her to now only be able to lie down and expect her child’s help every time to take care of all her needs. Muhammad Khairi admits to facing financial problems since he is not working. His family’s expenses reach RM1,000 a month including house rent amounting to RM400 in addition to having to provide his mother’s equipment including disposable diapers. He even had to prepare money to rent a vehicle to take his mother to the hospital. The factor of not having a job that can follow his time makes him unable to find a new job in addition to worrying about leaving his mother alone without supervision when she goes out to work. In addition, Muhammad Khairi has to take his mother to the hospital for follow-up examinations every two weeks. Despite having a dream to work and have an income like everyone else, however, he realizes that his mother needs him more right now. The sacrifices made are very small compared to the services of the mother who conceived, gave birth and raised him all this time. The opportunity to take care of a sick and neglected mother is an opportunity given by Allah SWT for him to be devoted and return the favor.


Fried eggs, soy sauce daily menu for 7 children after husband’s departure

Aprianti Muhammad Umar, 49, had to accept the fact of being a single mother to six children after her husband breathed his last on January 21. Even though he didn’t expect the heavy test to come in an instant, he persevered and calmed down with the provisions of destiny even though the man who became his place and the children depended on him to go to God early after suffering from pancreatic cancer for a long time. The late Khairirudin Ali, 52, who worked as a factory technician in Bayan Lepas. Although the salary is not much, but her husband is very responsible. every month he never neglects to carry out his responsibilities as the head of the family by dividing the household and schooling expenses of the children. To lighten her husband’s burden, Aprianti works as a sweeper in their home area with an income of RM500 a month. Although all the responsibilities now have to be shouldered by him alone, Aprianti is not lost in his feelings because all his children are still in school and need attention. He should be independent and thrifty to ensure their studies are not interrupted. As the new school session begins plus financial constraints, this family remains grateful even though the menu of fried eggs and soy sauce is their mandatory meal every day. Although no fancy side dishes are served, at least they don’t have to tie their stomachs. Even though life after the passing of her late husband is painful, their fate is much better than other people out there who face much more difficult tests.


A widow suffering from SLE, an autistic child, the house will be auctioned

While her heart was still gripped by the pain of losing her dependent place in May last year, this woman once again faced a severe test when she received a notice that her house would be auctioned last January. The house left by her late husband where she and her son sheltered in Taman Lembah Permai, Sungai Petani, was bought in 2004 when her husband was still serving as a soldier. The auction notice was received following arrears due to her husband’s inability to repay the loan after quitting his job in 2013 after suffering from chronic kidney disease. Rohani then took over the late husband’s task of earning a living to support the family a year after that. She is also unable to pay the home loan due to having to quit her job to take care of her husband who is often in and out of hospital and her son, Muhammad Syamael Ajwad, 16, who has autism. Even more painful, after the passing of her late husband, all the responsibilities now have to be shouldered by Rohani alone. He who has been suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) for a long time, also suffers from gastric disease, migraine and asthma in addition to not being able to do heavy work due to having problems in the groin joint as a result of falling while working, about five years ago. However, in a state of being powerless to bear the pain, Rohani still has to take care of her son who is unable to take care of himself since his movement is limited. As a result of the illness she suffered from, Rohani was unable to work and had to focus her full attention on her son. She only expects monthly assistance from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) for daily expenses and to buy disposable diapers for her son. Although the doctor suggested that he undergo surgery to treat joint problems, Rohani had to forget that wish because no one could take care of Muhammad Syamael if he was hospitalized.


Elderly people suffering from tongue cancer appeal for help with milk, disposable diapers

Zaiton Othman, 60, never gave up despite suffering from stage four tongue cancer. Although Zaiton is now only able to lie on a bed in the rented house of his adopted son, Nurhidayah Ismail, 29, this elderly person believes that he can recover one day. Zaiton is now no longer able to speak, but instead only uses hand signals to communicate due to the spread of cancer cells causing the inside of his mouth to erode in addition to damaging his voice box. The situation also caused Zaiton to no longer be able to touch any food except to drink milk that was channeled using a special tube in his nose five times a day. However, Nurhidayah who only helps her husband in the roti canai business is facing financial problems considering the high price of milk. Nurhidayah needs to buy at least five cans of milk that cost more than RM100 every month to meet Zaiton’s needs. In addition to milk, she also needs to provide disposable diapers in addition to bearing the cost of radiotherapy treatment which reaches RM500, not including house rent of RM250, daily expenses and schooling for her four children who are between four and 12 years old. The husband and wife’s income is affected due to not being able to do business because they have to monitor Zaiton’s condition at all times since his health has been deteriorating lately. Because of that, Nurhidayah really hopes that someone is willing to ease the burden by providing milk and disposable diapers for Zaiton’s use.


The cake seller is persistent in finding sustenance to ensure that the husband continues to ‘breathe’

Nor Hazliza Ismail, 57, has never given up on finding a halal livelihood even though she only sells cakes to cover the cost of refilling the oxygen tank for her husband who suffers from various complications due to watery lung disease, every day. He who can only earn around RM15 to RM25 a day is willing to tie his stomach and ration expenses to ensure that Mohd Razi Abdullah, 55, who has been suffering from the disease for the past three years, can continue to breathe without any problems. The income is not enough because she has to spend around RM38 a day to cover the cost of refilling her husband’s oxygen tank which is used all the time. The escalating financial problems often cause Mohd Razi’s oxygen tank to go ‘dry’ because Nor Hazliza is unable to refill her husband’s ‘life’. The situation worries Nor Hazliza because her husband will be panting due to difficulty breathing due to lack of oxygen. In fact, since the past three months, Mohd Razi’s health has become chronic when both sides of his legs are swollen, in addition to his distended stomach and his weight has also increased dramatically to reach 158 kilograms. The condition made it difficult for him to walk and had to limp because his legs could not support the excess weight.


Cekal continues to live for the sake of 6 children after her husband died suddenly

Rosmawaty Rahamis, 45, had no idea that the accident on the opposite side of the road that she saw while driving to work on October 12 last year, actually involved her husband, Mohd Husri Husin, 51, who is also a film director, documentary and scriptwriter died. due to a heart attack while driving before crashing into an electric pole on the side of the road at about 10 am on the day of the incident. An accident involving a red Perodua Kancil that hit a lamp post made him feel bad. He had a strong feeling that it was the vehicle driven by Mohd Husri. Following intuition, Rosmawaty made a U-turn. His guess is correct when looking at the vehicle registration number. She approached the police and informed that the victim was her husband. The policeman explained the situation and asked Rosmawaty to be patient because her husband had already been confirmed dead. Her husband’s body was still in the car while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. It is understood that Mohd Husri failed to control the vehicle and crashed into a lamppost due to a heart attack. Although relieved by the sudden departure of her husband, the daughter of a veteran artist, Mek Habsah, who works as a travel agent, is worried about the future of her six children since she has no source of income as she was given unpaid leave by her employer following the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year.


A homeless woman is stuck looking for the cost of spine surgery treatment

After being involved in a road accident, Norhasmidar Tahir, 36, lost the ability to move and is now bedridden after the motorcycle he was riding with his mother, Hasnah Ali, 67, collided with a bus while passing a bend in Balik Pulau, almost nine years ago. However, despite the perseverance and calm facial expression displayed, only Allah SWT knows the heart of this tough woman who is thinking about how to get RM15,000 to cover the cost of the treatment to open the iron that has been installed in her spine since the accident. Following the accident, irons and screws had to be installed from the nape of the neck to the spine. Even more unfortunate, this woman was divorced from her husband a month after the black tragedy occurred after she was diagnosed as paralyzed and no longer able to take care of herself. Noorhasmidar, who is no longer able to move, just lies in bed, losing her source of income as she is no longer able to work. As a result of not being able to provide the cost of treatment, this woman had to endure pain that is difficult to describe in addition to the poisonous feeling that pierced her legs. Surgery to open the iron in his spine is his best chance of recovery if it is done as soon as possible. However, Norhasmidar was at a loss to think of how to raise money with his state of neglect, he was powerless even to manage himself, let alone to work. This former production operator hopes that there is someone who cares and is willing to help cover the cost of treatment so that he can go back to work and change the fate of his family.


A mother suffering from chronic kidney disease tested her child for neurological disease

The test of this young mother who suffered from stage four chronic kidney disease was aggravated when her 19-month-old son was diagnosed with a neurological disease. Siti Noramziah Ramli, 24, was diagnosed with gallstone disease when she was three years old and had to have her first operation to remove gallstones at the same age. She had to undergo a second operation to remove gallstones in December 2019, but it had to be postponed because she was pregnant at the time. As a result of having to postpone the surgery, Noramziah’s condition worsened to the point that she lost her appetite and vomited every time she ate and drank. She was then referred to Raja Perempuan Zainab II Kota Bharu Hospital and diagnosed with stage four kidney problems due to kidney stones.  The disease caused his right kidney to shrink. As her kidneys failed to remove toxins and sewage, Noramziah, who was five months pregnant at the time, had to undergo hemodialysis treatment every day until she gave birth to her offspring in June last year. Noramziah’s heart sank when she found out that the disease she had also affected her baby. Despite being born normally with a weight of around 1.2 kilograms, Mohammad Wafie Muzakki Mohammad Khairul Azhar, suffered from nerve problems in the brain which was also a factor that caused his development to be slow compared to normal children. In fact, this poor baby also often has seizures. Within a month, Mohammad Wafie would have seizures almost three or four times, causing him to take eight types of medicine for his illness. Due to the problems he experienced, Mohammad Wafie Muzakki was bedridden and still did not speak (speech delay) or walk like a child his age. In fact, this baby had to rely entirely on formula milk in addition to soft foods because he was unable to swallow other foods. Noramziah’s chronic kidney problem caused her husband, Mohammad Khairul Azhar Rosly, 21 who previously served in the national army had to decide to quit a year ago, since Noramziah was unable to manage their only child who needed attention almost all the time alone. Mohammad Khairul Azhar now earns a salary as a ‘dropship’ business of used clothes online with an uncertain income depending on the sales revenue which is around RM200 per month to support his family. However, it is not enough considering that they need to provide at least RM1,000 to buy Mohammad Wafie’s necessities including disposable diapers, milk, in addition to the cost of commuting to the hospital every time he undergoes hemodialysis treatment and attending hospital appointments. But since a month ago, Mohammad Khairul Azhar took the initiative to do extra work by helping his brother Mohd Khairul Amin, 25 fishing every Friday with an income of around RM40 to supplement the family’s income despite having to bring their children every time they go out fishing around Salor and Pasir Mas. for not being able to pay the nanny’s wages.


Security guards quit their jobs to look after ‘paradise’ children

This ‘child of heaven’ who has a big head problem, in addition to blurred vision due to hydrocephalus or excess fluid in the brain (CP) causes him to be bedridden and unable to move freely like children his age. Nur Fikriyah Elias, 4, has undergone two surgeries to remove excess fluid from the head at the Universiti Sains Malaysia (HUSM) Hospital, Kubang Kerian to insert wires in the head to remove excess fluid. The surgery showed positive signs as the excess fluid in his head decreased. Nik Ishazalwani Ismail, 38, said the youngest of the three siblings had the problem two months after being born. Nur Fikriyah was born as a premature baby weighing only around 850 grams when her mother was seven months pregnant. She had to be admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) ward of Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital (HRPZ II), Kota Bharu for four months before being allowed to return home. The condition of Nur Fikriyah who has to go back and forth to attend appointments at HRPZII, HUSM and the Labok Health Clinic almost every month to get follow-up treatment in addition to frequently going in and out of the hospital forced her father, Elias Zakaria, 45, to quit his job as a security guard at a primary school since March last year then, due to not being able to give the best commitment to work assignments. In order to continue to survive and support two more children aged 7 and 11 years old who each go to school at Pangkal Nering National School (SK), Nik Ishazalwani takes orders to make cakes, while her husband runs a bottled water business in Kok Lanas with an uncertain income . This family is pressed by financial problems as they have to spend about RM800 to buy Nur Fikriyah’s necessities such as milk and diapers in addition to the cost of commuting to the hospital almost every month. Due to unstable income since her husband quit his job, Nik Shazalwani said the family had to stay at her brother-in-law’s house for more than a year because they could not afford to pay the house rent.


A woman suffering from a ‘slipped disc’ had to take a job washing chickens after her husband suffered a stroke

The life of Umi Kalsom Kassim, 37, who suffers from ‘slipped disc’ disease, continues to be tested when her beloved husband, Ismail Hasan, 42, suffered a stroke and bleeding in the brain since November last year. The husband who became the backbone of the family and earned income by taking wages for doing village work such as watering the bendang, mowing the lawn, and lifting manure, is now no longer able to work to support the family. Unfortunately, Umi Kalsom’s illness caused her to be unable to work to help increase the family’s income. However, thinking about the needs of her three children who are four, six and 13 years old, in addition to having to take her husband to get a follow-up examination at the hospital, Umi Kalsom bravely accepted the wages of washing chickens at a rate of RM5 an hour. Due to the ‘slipped disc’ disease that she suffered, Umi Kalsom was unable to work full time because she was unable to stand for long periods of time. With his condition, he was only able to earn an income of RM10 a day. The income earned is indeed not enough to cover the family’s expenses which reach RM2,000 per month. It is unfortunate that this family also has no savings since the daily salary earned is used to buy food and milk for the youngest child and the schooling needs of his other two children.

Men suffering from being laid off from work due to skin cancer

The father of four never thought that a small wart-like growth on his left leg would cause him to be bedridden after being diagnosed with stage three skin cancer, in June last year. The ordeal suffered by Swanim Ahmad, 55, happened in the blink of an eye, even more unfortunate when the cancer he suffered from was very violent and spread quickly. Reflecting on her husband’s condition, Saadiah Bakri, 51, said, at first they thought the tumor was not serious. However, when it is scratched too often due to excessive itching, the growth becomes like a lump of flesh that causes blood to flow often due to friction with pants. Since the wound on Swanim’s leg did not heal, Saadiah insisted on inviting her husband to undergo a check-up at the hospital because he was not working due to the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in June last year. However, Swanim was diagnosed with stage three skin cancer after the doctor took a biopsy sample from the tumor and informed her husband that he needed immediate surgery. Unfortunately, as soon as he was diagnosed with cancer, the employer forced Swanim to sign a letter of resignation because he did not want to bear the medical costs. He had no choice because if he did not sign the letter, his salary would not be paid. Because at that time the increase in Covid-19 cases was very worrying, Swanim was ordered to undergo treatment at the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital in Kota Kinabalu (KK). Swanim then underwent surgery on September 6 last year. The tumor on the left leg was removed and patched with the contents taken from the calf. However, a day after the surgery (September 7), he was ordered out of the hospital as the increase in Covid-19 infections in Sabah was becoming more worrying. But they have to come to wash the wound (dressing) at the hospital every day. On the third day, the surgical area bleeds and oozes yellow. His leg was getting worse and the patched flesh turned black when the bandage was removed to wash the wound. Not long after that, the condition of his leg worsened and became hollow until the bone part was exposed because there was an infection in addition to pus. The doctor said the surgery was unsuccessful and wanted to amputate his leg causing Swanim to ask to return to Kuala Lumpur. He sought treatment again at HKL on September 22. The doctor was shocked to see the condition of Swanim’s leg and thought of the best way to prevent it from being amputated and scheduled an operation on October 12 to remove the rotting contents and patch it with stomach contents and muscles. In order to save his life, Swanim also underwent five other surgeries and was treated for 51 days in hospital before being allowed to go home on November 11. To slow the growth of cancer cells, Swanim needs to undergo chemotherapy treatment, but it will only be done after the surgical wound is dry. Since Swanim is no longer working, he has now lost his source of income, causing his family to face financial problems and face constraints in providing medical necessities such as cotton and bentk.


15 years of living suffering from enlarged feet due to elephantiasis

This young man’s dream to live a normal life like other individuals has never been extinguished even though his movement is increasingly limited due to elephantiasis which was detected since birth. He persevered through the hardships of life for 15 years even though his legs have grown to an estimated weight of 60 kilograms (kg). Although the disease, also known as lymphatic filariasis, still has no cure, Mohd Safuan Ishak, 32, never gave up hope of getting treatment so that he could recover as usual and be able to live a life like other people. The doctor informed that there is no specific treatment to remove the water content on the left leg and the size will continue to increase. As a result of the disease, Mohd Safuan’s leg bones are fragile and weak like the bones of the elderly. When he was 15 years old, this young man’s leg began to swell red on the calf and then grew to the size of a ball when he was in his 20s. The left leg has been growing over the past five years and recently, it has become increasingly difficult for him to walk without using a cane for support. The situation also forced Mohd Safuan to quit his job before starting a burger business with a friend to make ends meet. However, lately the situation has become more difficult, since Mohd Safuan cannot stand for long because he will suffer from back pain which makes it difficult for him to help his friend complete the customer’s order. In fact, this young man’s health is deteriorating due to frequent fevers, attacks of asthma and dizziness to the point of difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure and thyroid. Mohd Safuan also needs to wash the festering wound on his thigh due to the iron that was installed after he once broke his leg in addition to having to rely on medicines supplied by the government clinic. His limited physical condition also caused him to rely on the help of family and friends as he needed to take medicine every three months in addition to undergoing regular check-ups to monitor the condition of his feet. He had also asked if the enlarged leg could be amputated, but there was no guarantee that he would fully recover as there was a risk of complications or bacterial infection. This situation will cause the healing process to be interrupted. Elephant foot disease is not cancer and there is no problem if the leg is not amputated, in fact he can continue his life as usual even without medicine. Although calmed down by Allah SWT’s suspicions, deep in the corner of this young man’s heart there was also a feeling of sadness because he also had dreams of getting married and having children. But realize that dream is unlikely to come true given his current condition.


Happy with grandma’s love even if you only eat fried eggs

These two brothers do not seem to understand the pain of losing their beloved mother overnight at a tender age when the woman who gave birth to them died after being involved in a road accident in 2008. More unfortunate, four years after the passing of their mother, Linafsha Arnia Mohd Asni, 16, and her brother Muhammad Aftarihan Arnia, 17, lost their place to depend when their father Mohd Asni Hussin, returned to God when he was 32 years old. These two teenagers who studied at Penambang National Secondary School (SMK), are now dependent on their grandmother, Kamariah Mat Ali, 73, after being orphaned. Even though it is painful, losing parents, they are grateful for still having a grandmother to love. They are treated like full oil tanks. Kamariah, who is affectionately called ‘mother’ by these two brothers, promises to take care of them as long as she still has the strength. He also promised not to separate his two grandchildren no matter how difficult their lives were. Even though she is no longer able to work as a batik embroiderer due to age and diabetes, Kamariah still takes care of her grandchildren’s welfare. All their food, drink and education needs are sufficient even though Kamariah can only serve white rice with fried eggs. This woman who is more than half a century old is grateful that her two grandchildren understand and never complain, instead eating with full appetite as if fried eggs are the most delicious food in the world. Kamariah promised to carry out his responsibility as best as possible to take care of the needs of Linafsha Arnia and Muhammad Aftarihan Arnia, in order to fulfill the trust left by his late son and son-in-law until the end of their lives, even though the three of them’ lives are just a matter of eating breakfast in the morning and eating in the evening.


The girl who lost her hand due to being robbed still persevered to help her mother earn a living

The date 26 August 2021 will not be forgotten by Siti Nur Azizah Syafriadi, 17, for the rest of her life not to mention the tragic incident that happened on Thursday night left a black moment in her life when her right hand had to be amputated up to shoulder level due to the greed of three inhumane men. In the incident at 12.30 that night, the motorcycle that Siti Nur Azizah was riding with her friend was suddenly crushed by two motorcycles before the suspect kicked their motorcycle causing the vehicle to lose control before crashing into the road divider, resulting in Azizah being injured in the right shoulder in the incident on Jalan Kuching leads to the city center. As a result of the tragic incident, Siti Nur Azizah fought for her life when she spent four days in a coma and 12 days in the intensive care unit (ICU) of Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) after being severely robbed. The injury suffered by this teenager is very serious, his hand has a big hole in the armpit so that the contents and bones are visible, in addition to the main nerve being broken like a rope being snapped, even his oxygen level is decreasing causing the medical team to perform surgery at that time without doing a CT Scan and X- Ray to save his life. In addition to a serious injury to her hand, Siti Nur Azizah also suffered a concussion resulting in a blood clot in her head. During the operation, the doctor found that there was bleeding in the organs involving the liver, lungs and spleen. On Friday morning, this teenager’s mother, Roslinawati Ya, 39, was informed that Siti Nur Azizah’s hand had turned blue and could no longer function even though the main blood vessel had been stitched. To save his life, his hand had to be amputated up to shoulder level to avoid the spread of germs. After almost three months of the incident, Siti Nur Azizah was able to accept the situation that befell her calmly and calmly. Not a drop of tears was shed as soon as he was informed that he lost one hand. In fact, he showed a strong will to recover and began to get used to his condition. His health condition is also encouraging even though every month he has to undergo follow-up treatment with six specialist doctors at HKL. Admitting that she was saddened by what happened to her, Siti Nur Azizah was grateful that God only took her hand and not her life. He always thinks positively when he thinks that there are people who are less fortunate than him. The tragedy that happened did not make this girl give up hope. He is determined to use the available energy to focus on online business to help his mother who takes on the responsibility of raising four siblings aged 16 to 7 after his father died in 2018 due to high blood pressure.


Willing to quit work to focus on taking care of children suffering from Cerebral Palsy

Mohamad Faizul Aziz, 29, and his wife, Siti Nur Afiza Ahmad, 29, calmed down when their son, Nur Arissa, 6, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy after being born in 2015. The situation became serious after he suffered a seizure when he was two years old resulting in the child it just lay on the mattress and couldn’t move at all, until now. For love and to focus fully on Nur Arissa, this father of two children was willing to leave his career as a cargo driver three years ago. Nur Arissa only needs care and full monitoring since she does not have a gag reflex and is unable to swallow her own saliva. Because of that, the saliva needs to be suctioned using a special machine every few minutes to prevent the child from choking. Nur Arissa also uses a breathing machine to reduce the pressure on her lungs. Nur Arissa’s expenses are also increasing along with her growth. The cost of milk alone exceeds RM350 per month, causing Mohamad Faizul to switch to cheaper milk for his son who previously drank Pediasure milk, due to the high price, not including the cost of disposable diapers.


Perseverance to raise four children after her husband died suddenly

Raising four children between the ages of 12 and four is not an easy task and she had to shoulder the heavy responsibility alone when her beloved husband died suddenly of a heart attack in July last year. The departure left a deep impression as Norhaslina Abdul Aziz, 35, and the children lost a place to depend on overnight. Not only tested by the loss of her husband, this woman was once again tested when she lost her source of income when her job as a nanny was not needed since parents took care of their children on their own throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year. The situation forced Norhaslina to be thrifty to ensure sufficient expenses even though there were times when there was no money to buy kitchen items. Because of that, she had to cook empty ‘moi’ (rice porridge) to fill her children’s stomachs. This single mother is thankful that her children do not suffer much because they understand the hardships experienced and eat whatever food is provided as long as the family does not have to starve. For the past two months, he has been working as a stall assistant with a wage of RM5 an hour. The earned income is used to pay rent, water and electricity bills. This woman dreams of a more comfortable home for her five children since the two-room flat that she rented for the past three years is not suitable because her children are growing up.


12 years of self service, victim of nature taking care of OKU ‘baby’

For the sake of love and affection, this steadfast mother is willing to devote herself to taking care of her first child who is like a baby for the past 12 years. Although it is not an easy task and requires a lot of patience, Siti Zulyana Mohd Rafik, 34, never complains about raising her son Muhammad Amirul Mukmin Mohamad Rozaini, or more affectionately called Along. The presence of Along, who also suffers from a neurological disease, Cerebral Palsy since birth, is God’s most beautiful gift for him. The disease of Cerebral Palsy that he suffered caused Along to not be able to talk and walk like other children and even all his needs had to be taken care of including changing disposable diapers, feeding, drinking and bathing him. Along should not be left alone because he often has seizures. As a result of frequent seizures which are around five times in a month, Along has also suffered serious muscle spasms which now cause both his legs to bend and his ribs to be visible in addition to his right and left hands being stiff. In fact, Along’s right knee was dislocated due to the distortion of his leg bone which made his knee come out of the shell. Since she only owns a motorcycle, Siti Zulyana has no choice but to stop her son’s therapy treatment at HRPZII three times a month because it is difficult to commute with the vehicle involved. With a household income of only RM1,000 per month, this family is unable to provide for all of Along’s needs amounting to almost RM800 per month including disposable diapers. As a result of financial constraints, Siti Zulyana had to give her child milk choosing Dutch Lady milk, at a price of around RM24 per kilogram for a week since she could not afford to buy Pedisure milk which costs RM120 per cent despite the doctor recommending it. In fact, there were times when this woman had to give her son plain tea and condensed milk due to lack of money.

Hold on to the collar of nature in the twilight to ensure that the kitchen is smoky

Living a lonely life and never starting a family when you are in your golden age is not an easy thing, however, Che Soom Ismail, 62, cannot rely on anyone, instead he has to use his remaining four-carat bones for a mouthful of rice. Despite suffering from several chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes, this elderly person has no choice but to work hard to find a halal livelihood to ensure his kitchen continues to smoke. With little energy, he does light work such as plucking coconuts, knitting banana leaves, plucking lemongrass and weeding fish which is done regularly. His daily income is uncertain, by selling lemongrass at a price of RM 3 per kilogram, Che Soom only earns around RM10 a day. However, when the health condition does not allow, these seniors can only earn RM30 a week. He was worried thinking about his fate considering that lately he has not been able to stand for a long time because his body gets tired easily and his hands tremble so much that it is difficult to pluck the lemongrass. Due to the health condition that does not allow it also makes it difficult for him to get a permanent job. The limited financial situation made this resilient woman to be thrifty and tighten her stomach by only eating white rice served with eggs or fried anchovies every day. For Che Soom, his daily menu is already luxurious and filling, and he is very grateful that he is still blessed with the sustenance to eat ‘delicious’ food because many other people out there have to tie their stomachs to resist hunger because they cannot afford to buy food.


Had to work two jobs to cover the cost of treating twins

The young couple Muhammad Suhaimi Abdul Gharapar, 28, and his wife, Shafiqahtun Naemah Shaari, 27, were blessed with non-identical twins after being tested for the loss of their first and second pregnancies in 2018 and 2019. But the joy did not last long when Princess Camelia Athena and Prince Zakwan Zayyan, who was born on October 27 last year, faced with health complications such as chronic lung problems, a perforated heart, blood clots in the head, eye problems and incomplete intestines, following premature birth, which is when the new gestational age reaches six months or in the week the 27th. The life of this couple is getting more and more challenging especially having to pay full attention to their baby who suffers from various health complications. However, the test faced did not break the spirit of this couple. Even though they are now completely dependent on Muhammad Suhaimi’s income which amounts to between RM1,000 to RM1,500, they persevere through life. Muhammad Suhaimi works as a shop assistant and works hard to support his wife and two children as his health condition and savings are dwindling, and his wife had to quit her job to fully focus on taking care of their two babies. Despite working two jobs, the income earned is not enough since having twins causes the monthly expenses to double where milk and disposable diapers have to be provided for two people. Moreover, both of her children need to get a vaccine injection to strengthen their lungs, where each injection costs RM 3,800 for each person. The vaccination starts after they are born until they are five months old. Every month this couple has to prepare RM7,600 for injections. The total amount to be paid is RM38,000. They are grateful for receiving help from the zakat trust of the Islamic Religious Council of Negeri Sembilan (MAINS) which fully covers the cost of the injection. Although they no longer need the vaccine, the twins still need blood transfusions and additional supplements to ensure they grow up perfectly like other children. They also still need to undergo treatment and follow-up examinations with paediatricians, ophthalmologists and intestinal specialists at Tuanku Jaafar Hospital according to the set date.


Bears the heavy duty of taking care of his disabled brother after his mother’s death

At the age of just 19, Nik Noradila Mohd Wira, now has to shoulder heavy responsibilities and take over the task of being the head of the family after his mother Fahshakinah Syed Lazim Shah, 43, breathed her last on September 24. This student of Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Seri Iskandar, Perak is taking on the responsibility of managing his brother, Nik Mohammad Khoidir Mohd Wira, 21, who is also a disabled person (OKU), alone since their father also died, 14 years ago. For the sake of a promise to his late mother and to pursue his ambitions, this student of Semester Three of the Diploma in Real Estate Management of the University of Teknolgi Mara (UiTM), is determined to continue his studies despite losing his place to depend on. . He used the money donated by the public to pay his tuition fees since his studies were previously financed with his late mother’s savings. Nik Noradila is grateful that the problems faced have received the attention of the university. He is allowed to follow online learning including using the facilities provided at the UiTM Machang Campus.

Ex-photographer tested lost his job, husband and child heart disease

The life journey of Noor Azlina Jaafar, 43, and her husband Muhammad Basir Abu Bakar, 42, changed 360 degrees when the company where they earned a living, which had been operating for more than 80 years, closed causing 800 employees to lose their jobs overnight. Having served over 18 years as a photographer at one of the country’s oldest newspaper publishing companies, Noor Azlina is comfortable with a monthly salary of almost RM10,000. The good income also helped this woman and her husband, who works as a reporter for the crime desk, build a comfortable life for their three children. Even worse, the couple was not compensated, was abruptly terminated and asked to leave the office within hours. Even before the layoff, he had not received a salary for three months. After losing her job, Noor Azlina and her husband tried to rise up and build a new life by starting a burger business named Burger Abah Mook in September last year, a donation from the Zakat Collection Center-MAIWP through the Bangkit Khaira PPZ-Ramly Burger program. However, once again this married couple was tested when Muhammad Basir was diagnosed with a narrowed heart valve problem last year and his health condition worsened earlier this year. Uncertain health conditions in addition to going in and out of the hospital every two months and health checks (check ups) that are getting more frequent, they decided to temporarily stop the operation of Burger Abah Mook since Muhammad Basir can no longer afford to wrap even just one burger. In order to make ends meet, this couple sells Bliese brand vehicle fragrance and is a Mama Sab cake agent in addition to relying on the production of i-Sinar and i-Citra. In addition to her husband being tested for heart disease, this couple is also facing tests as their second child, Nur Iman Damia, 9, has had a leaky heart valve problem since birth. However, these children do not need to undergo treatment or take medicine, they only need to undergo a check up once a year. But during the check up last June, experts found that Nur Iman Damia’s heart was swollen and contained water. The MRI results found that Damia’s leaking heart valve condition was still the same. Because of that, his heart swelled significantly. Muhammad Basir is expected to undergo valve replacement and bypass surgery in the near future at Serdang Hospital at a cost of more than RM50,000.


A woman hanged without a rope perseveres to take care of a disabled child

Despite having to take care of an abandoned child alone after being hanged without a leash for the past six years, Che Manis Hussin, 59, accepted the test sent by Allah SWT with an open heart, for the sake of his love for his youngest child, Nurul Atiqah Zulkifli Chan who is now 21 years old. Faced with the challenge of caring for Nurul Atiqah, this mother of six admits that taking care of a special child alone is not an easy task. He said, Nurul Atiqah grew up like any other normal child, but when she was seven years old, she was attacked by high fever and convulsions. While at the hospital, the doctor gave her the choice of either continuing treatment by placing Nurul Atiqah in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or taking her home. Che Manis decided to take the jewel of his heart home because his condition did not show any change. Even though Nurul Atiqah has been homeless for 14 years, Che Manis is confident that one day Nurul Atiqah will return to normal, in fact he will not give up and is trying to make this dream come true, Che Manis sends his son to undergo physiotherapy with a certified therapist four times a month and also provide additional food (supplements) to strengthen his body. Nurul Atiqah’s monthly expenses include milk, supplementary food, disposable diapers and physiotherapy exercises amounting to RM700 a month. In addition to taking care of Nurul Atiqah, Che Manis also takes care of her youngest sister, Faridah, 56, who has been mute and deaf since birth. Thinking about his advancing age, Che Manis cannot imagine the fate of his son if one day he is no longer by Nurul Atiqah’s side. Because of that, this woman always prays to Allah SWT to be given good health so that she will continue to be given the opportunity to take care of Nurul Atiqah as long as she lives in the womb.


Plain rice, fried egg ‘luxurious’ side dish for six children

The life of Halpira Muhamad Yusup, 36, is indeed squeezed. Suffering from arthritis due to a motorcycle accident five years ago, this hardy woman can no longer do heavy work including sewing clothes. The hit-and-run accident that happened in 2016 became a black spot that changed his family’s life. Her husband, Khairul Nizam Abdul Hanif, 32, who previously had a permanent job as a general worker at a cleaning company here, was dismissed on the grounds of not being able to commit because he took too much time off due to having to take care of Halpira who was seriously injured and receiving treatment at the Hospital National University of Malaysia (HUKM). Because Khairul Nizam cannot read and write, now to support the lives of his six children he only takes wages to do work such as cutting grass, painting and various village works. While Halpira had to brag about getting paid to modify clothes with a wage of RM5 for a piece of shirt. With a meager income, there was a time when Halpira and her family had to continue living with only RM200. With that little money, not only was he unable to buy baby milk, but he also had to ration the daily dishes. The six children only eat what is available as long as the stomach does not ‘scream’ of hunger. Even though she can only provide plain rice and fried eggs for her children, Halpira is grateful enough and considers it to be quite ‘luxurious’ because there are people out there who are forced to starve because they cannot afford food. Despite receiving assistance from the Social Welfare Department (JKM) amounting to RM1,100 per month, it was only enough to pay the water, electricity and school bills for her children including internet and extra classes. However, Halpira is grateful that even though his family’s life is difficult and he is listed as an asnaf, his family does not have to board or rent a house. The compensation he received as a result of a road accident used to allow him to buy an affordable house. However, he could not afford to fix the roof (zinc) which was leaking, forcing his children to change their beds if it rained since it cost between RM4,000 to RM5,000.


Food instead of wages, veteran singers teach the neighbor’s children to study

The life of the former champion of the reality program, Sinaran Passport Kegemilangan 1996 and the third place winner of Mentor Otai 2018, Alina Hassan, 53, who used to be full of glamor and always stole the focus of the camera lens has now changed 360 degrees. She, who is also a single mother of three children, fills her lonely days by teaching the neighbor’s children to study for free, singing through the social media platform, Facebook to cope with the challenging life in the city, since there is no source of income since the implementation of the Movement Control Order ( MCO) which was implemented last June. Last year, the story of the popular singer with the songs Dingin and Gelombang went viral and became the focus of the community during the Movement Control Order (MCO) last when he lost his livelihood since the MCO was enforced power due to not being able to work as a cleaner, taking wages for washing and folding clothes and babysitting in addition to still receiving invitations to sing but the performance was canceled, causing him to take wages to buy things in order to find a bite of rice around his rented room that is 1.5 meters X 2.4 meters in Setapak . Even sadder, Alina, who does not own a vehicle, sweats to deliver the ordered goods by walking more than two kilometers every day. With a meager income, the wages earned were used to buy budget rice priced at RM3 containing eggs and sambal to fill the stomach. In fact, he once tied his stomach and only ate once a day because he had no money to buy food. As soon as her story of living in a small room went viral, Alina’s request to have a comfortable house got the attention of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) who rented a house for her in the People’s Housing Project (PPR) in Rejang Village, Setapak. The financial problems faced are mild when receiving assistance from the Islamic Religious Council of the Federal Territories (MAIWP) amounting to RM300 per month. The assistance was used to pay the RM124 monthly house rent and utility bills.


A woman takes care of three orphaned disabled siblings

It is not easy for this woman to shoulder the responsibility of being the head of a family who has to take care of three disabled people (OKU), not to mention with little strength in her golden age. However, the parable ‘alah bisa tegal bai’ is very suitable to describe the situation faced by Azizah Mohamad, 58, who always patiently treats the two special sisters and brothers who have been under her care for more than 30 years after both her parents died. He now takes on the responsibility of managing two older sisters, Zaiton, 67; Habesah, 62 and younger sister, Noorlia, 54, who were paralyzed all over due to a high fever attack when they were two years old. As early as the age of 17, Azizah went out to work to help ease the burden borne by both her parents since they are not wealthy people. He has worked as a production operator, gas pump attendant and cashier. Every time he finished his shift, he would immediately return home to help his mother take care of his three siblings. However, Azizah had to stop working about 10 years ago after her mother’s health deteriorated and there was no one she could count on to take care of her three homeless siblings. After her mother died in 2016, with her remaining strength, Azizah steadfastly took care of her three siblings who always needed attention. His daily routine started early in the morning where the three would be bathed first before feeding them the breakfast he prepared. Although there is no income due to not being able to go out to work, however, Azizah is very grateful because the monthly assistance received by Zaiton, Habesah and Noriah of RM500 each from the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) in addition to her late father’s pension greatly helps ease the financial burden borne by the three His siblings use disposable diapers that cost RM600 a month. Talking about the future, Azizah, who also sells washing soap to increase her income, said that both her older sister and younger brother will be taken care of as long as they are alive. This woman is worried about the fate of her siblings if she is destined by God to ‘close her eyes’ first. He is worried about who will take care of them, however, he just surrenders because he believes that Allah SWT is the best planner and he is satisfied with all the provisions that He has set.

Shuttle Between Shah Alam And Seremban By Public Vehicle To Take Care Of Oku’s Ailing Father And Sister After Mother’s Death

Fifi Halizah Hassim, 29, is willing to sacrifice and redouble her devotion to her father, Hassim Mohd Sa’ad, 80, who is old and has limited strength despite having to go back and forth from Shah Alam to Seremban every week to take care of all the needs of Hassim and his sister. Jasa Hassim brought up Halizah and her sister Fifi Haritah, 31, who is also a disabled person (OKU), alone since their mother, Wan Sarimah Wan Yunus died in 2008, unable to repay. With a monthly salary of RM1,200, Fifi Halizah is used to pay monthly commitments such as medical costs, the needs of her father and sister including public transport to return to the village since she is still unable to own her own vehicle. Fifi Halizah informed that her father also suffered from several chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, heart and kidney for the past few years. In fact, due to chronic asthma, Hassim had to use oxygen gas to support his lung function. Fifi Halizah needs to provide an allocation of RM150 for two oxygen tanks that can be used for two weeks for her father. Despite the high expenses, as the backbone of the family Fifi Halizah is willing to do anything as long as her father’s health is maintained. Considering his father’s chronic illness, Hassim who has no retirement money or pension depends entirely on Fifi Halizah’s income. However, this girl said, she was very grateful because her father received a monthly allowance of RM500 from the Department of Social Welfare (JKM). The amount means a lot to the family because it can ease the financial burden they have to bear since his father’s medical expenses reach up to RM1,000 every month. Fifi Halizah said that without JKM’s help, she would have been in serious financial trouble since her salary was only enough to support her family. Without that help, it is certain that he would not be able to meet the needs of his father and sister because he would not be able to travel back and forth from Shah Alam to Seremban every week.

Disabled youth had to wave the white flag for a bite of rice

Mohd Nor Abdullah, who was born without both hands, does not want the status of a disabled person (OKU) to prevent him from living independently. This 29-year-old youth started making a living by selling nasi lemak taken from an acquaintance since July last year. The small business called Nasi Lemak Bujang Dekk’s Mat was run on the ground floor of his rented room in Cheras. Mohd Nor would clamp a red plastic table between his chin and neck from the second floor of a rented room above a shophouse, to start a business on the footpath every day. Despite earning only RM0.50 per pack of nasi lemak, the daily profit between RM15 to RM25 for every 30 to 50 packs of nasi lemak sold, is more than enough to cover the high cost of living in this metropolitan city. However, he was tested when the recent implementation of the movement control order (MCO) caused the sale of Nasi Lemak Bujang Dekk’s Mat, priced at RM1.50 per packet, which had previously been well received, to slow down. The culmination of the challenges he faced began in early July, when his acquaintance was unable to deliver nasi lemak, causing him to ‘sit down’ due to the pressure of life until he had to wave the white flag for survival. Even though he had to put on a face and wave the white flag, Mohd Nor could not think of any other way to continue his survival at that time. Before deciding to fly the white flag in his rented room, he was actually satisfied with borrowing from friends. Refused to be a burden to friends who were also affected by the MCO, made him determined to hang the white flag. Mohd Noor said the money from sales and monthly assistance received from Baitulmal amounted to RM600 but it became a big challenge since he lost his source of income due to having to pay room rent of RM350 a month. This courageous young man refused to keep asking, he used part of the aid money received as capital to start an online business. He now sells corn chips and peanut biscuits through his Facebook, Dekk’s Mat. All dealings with customers, even posting sales items, are done by him. Even more proudly, he generously shared food supplies from people who streamed into his small room with his friends after his story went viral on Facebook, and even fed the homeless at Chow Kit. Although he described his contribution as small, it was his way of sharing it with those who had the same fate as him.

Buntu had to take over the responsibility of the abandoned husband

If before, all matters including finances and family needs were managed by her husband, Fadzillah Masdar, 55, who works as a truck driver, however, the life of Norhamiza Md Hussein, 45, with her six children aged between 20 and four years old, changed overnight after the head of the family who been where they depended, bedridden by a stroke, for the past four years. Tested when she had just given birth to her youngest child, Norhamiza was so lost that she had to sell her husband’s car for RM3,000, as the financial problems became more pressing when she had to take over the responsibilities of being the head of the family. Their family’s living conditions are getting tighter because they don’t have a fixed income and only depend on the help of the Social Welfare Department (JKM). Norhamiza needs money to manage household expenses, pay bills and the needs of her three children who are still in school. This resilient woman is unable to go out to earn a living as she has to focus her attention on taking care of her husband who is unable to take care of himself because he is paralyzed in half of his body in addition to having to take care of two grandchildren. Norhamiza is at a loss to manage her monthly expenses with the aid money received as she has to support her husband, six children and two grandchildren after her eldest child’s divorce. Although his eldest son is now working in a factory, his income is not much and he can only afford monthly expenses of RM200. Spending on kitchen items alone reached RM700 a month, which made Norhamiza have to prioritize important expenses so that she could not buy her husband a new mattress. The existing mattress is too old and cannot support the body posture. For her husband’s comfort, she often turns the mattress so that it does not sink in the middle. In fact, the condition of the bed was too worn out and a rope was tied at the head of the bed to make it easier for her husband to get up. Norhamiza had to swallow all the problems she faced alone because she did not want her husband’s health and emotions to be disturbed due to heartbreak. This woman is hoping for a miracle for Fadzillah to recover, even though her efforts to bring her husband to undergo various treatments have not yet shown any results.

Converts are relieved by the trials of their husbands, children are sick one after the other

Farah Aliyyah Abdullah, 46, thought the decision to migrate to Malaysia would change her life, but unfortunately, the happiness she dreamed of did not last long. Farah began to face various tests that alternated. Life began to change after her husband, Mohd Rudzi Abu Kassim, 51, suffered a stroke four years ago that paralyzed half of his body, although he was not bedridden. That was not enough, her life was once again hit by a storm when her second child, Maryam, 20, was diagnosed with Lupus SLE which caused the body’s defense system to attack her body tissues and organs in January causing the teenager to be hospitalized before dying in October last year. The grief of losing a child has not gone away, Farah was tested again when her son, Ahmad, 16, was diagnosed with the same disease in December and had to drop out of school because he had to undergo treatment in hospital. Ahmad, who also suffers from chronic diabetes, needs to inject insulin four times a day to control his blood sugar levels. Every two weeks he had to go to the hospital to undergo blood tests and take medicine. Farah is worried about the cost of treatment since this disease requires a high cost, while she has no fixed income earned through an online food business while her husband only expects a pension amounting to RM350 a month.

Loyal care for her husband who is left without a source of income

Zalina Azman, 40, wife of the late Acik Spin’s younger brother, Khalis or real name Muhammad Khalis Md Shari, 33, steadfast and loyal to take care of her husband who is bedridden with illness and is not as strong all the time without feeling tired. Never once did a complaint or complaint of ‘tired’ come out of Zalina’s mouth, in fact, she followed whatever Khalis requested, who was now only able to lie down, lie on her side and lie on her back since her husband was no longer able to sit for too long even if he tried to do so. . When the singer of The Real Spin group, who was once popular with the song Semakin Rindu in 2017, tried to sit down, he could only last for less than five minutes because his spine would start to feel like it was being ‘pulled’. The first time Khalis was admitted to Tuanku Ja’afar Hospital (HTJ) Seremban was last February, because he was suffering from diabetes and Khalis’ health level had deteriorated again since last April, about a week before Ramadan due to the low salt content in the body. . The doctor informed Khalis that he became weak because the salt content in the body decreased due to lack of appetite including lack of drinking. . Khalis’s body is too thin and has a hollow face, his body weight is now only 30 kilograms (kg) compared to 43kg before the illness. Khalis’ weight dropped sharply due to the health problems he faced. The family is just hoping for the sympathy of family and friends to ease the burden they bear after Khalis fell ill since Zalina is unable to work because she has to give full attention to looking after her husband who needs help to move. . Monthly expenses reach almost RM1,000 including electricity and water bills, while kitchen needs are uncertain. This husband and wife also bear the responsibility of raising two biological children, three stepchildren and two nieces between the ages of nine and 20.

Unable to replace the damaged assistive device, the couple is worried about the future of the hearing impaired child

Ahmad Sufi Zakaria, 41, on whom his wife and six children depend, only works on his own with an uncertain income. Adding to the concern, when his eldest son, who is also hearing impaired, is now facing problems, following his hearing aid being damaged since a year ago. The tool still cannot be replaced due to Ahmad Sufi facing financial problems to repair it. However, after suffering a stroke due to diabetes and high blood pressure he faced after celebrating Aidiladha last year, Ahmad Sufi’s efforts to earn a living are now limited. As the head of the family, Ahmad Sufi does not know the meaning of despair, in fact he is not ashamed to try by asking his friends if there is a job in order to find a bite of rice. He did his best to make ends meet as long as he could because he didn’t want to beg even if there were times when he faced financial problems. Earning an average income of RM50 a day or between RM1,500 and RM2,000 a month, but it is only enough to meet the family’s daily expenses considering that all six children are still in school. Despite receiving zakat assistance of RM500 per month, it is still insufficient considering the high cost of living and schooling expenses. Because of that, they are unable to pay the electricity bill with arrears amounting to more than RM1,500 since last March. It caused Ahmad Sufi to be unable to repair the hearing aid of his eldest son, Ahmad Ikmal Daniel, which was damaged during the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year. The 19-year-old teenager has not used any hearing aids for more than a year. This teenager needs hearing aids for both ears, but the price is too expensive, reaching RM7,000 for a model of average quality, while the cost to repair is also high and can reach hundreds of ringgit to replace small components. Due to the high price, Ahmad Sufi and his wife, Shahrizah Junus, 43, could not afford to replace the device since their child needs hearing aids for both ears.

The converted widow is worried about being separated from her child

The fate of a female convert, Mae Dahlia Abdullah, 50, who came from the Philippines and recited shahadah more than 17 years ago, took a twist after her late husband, Mohd Don Mohd Saad, 64, suffered a stroke and was left homeless, leaving them with no source of income due to her husband being the head of the family. can no longer work as a driver to provide for the family’s needs. The increasingly pressing financial problems plus the husband’s deteriorating health worsened the family’s situation to the point that they had to stay at the house of her husband’s former employer. She also cannot go out to work because she has to take care of her late husband who is homeless and needs help to take care of herself. Her late husband died in October last year. Dahlia and her only child who is now 11 years old live together after her husband died, they both moved out of their former employer’s house and now only rent a room due to financial problems. Although she has been living in Malaysia for 17 years and married to a citizen, Dahlia has not yet obtained the status of a citizen or permanent resident. On the other hand, this woman only uses a social visit pass and still needs to renew the visa in question which is only temporary. This matter worries Dahlia even more after her husband died. He is worried about the possibility of being separated from his children and sent back to his home country.


A woman left by her husband gets up and continues to support her 7 children

Being left by her husband without news when she was pregnant with her youngest child more than a year ago, was a great blow for Nurul Shahzamul Hidayah Mohd Sham, 30, however, this resilient woman who now bears the great responsibility of carrying out the role of mother and father to her children, had to do various work to ensure that the stomachs of his seven young children are filled. Losing a place to depend on in an instant, Hidayah said, she needs to get up and figure out how to earn a living to raise her children because she refuses to beg or trouble anyone. Not having any transport plus not knowing how to drive, Hidayah ‘broke her leg’ because all this time she expected her husband to go everywhere. Describing her husband who worked as a wireman as very responsible, a loving father who always made sure the family’s needs were met, until he suddenly disappeared after leaving the house in February last year. Until now Hidayah has no answer and does not know the real reason why the man disappeared without any news. Hidayah had to continue living even though the test she faced was very bitter. He didn’t want to be selfish by drowning in grief to the point of neglecting the responsibility of raising children. With the remaining spirit, this woman stood up because she wanted to provide a comfortable life for the children. She who was previously fully dependent on her husband, decided to start a ‘dropship’ business and became a Mamasab cake agent to support her family and is now able to earn about RM500 a month. Even though he is only a small agent, Hidayah is very grateful that the income earned helps him to ‘breathe’ to some extent because of the critical financial problems last year. By ‘carrying’ her stomach because she is seven months pregnant, Hidayah sells cakes in front of her house during Ramadan for a bite of rice. During the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO) last year, to cover family expenses and prepare for childbirth, Hidayah also sold nasi lemak in front of a bank in Rawang town until 9am. After that, he will sell corn in front of the gas station in Rawang town starting at 11 am until it is sold out by asking his brother-in-law for help because he doesn’t know how to drive. Even though her husband disappeared, Hidayah’s relationship with her in-laws’ family is still good. Hidayah works hard because she doesn’t want her children to have a hard life. They used to live side by side after the shop house they were staying in caught fire in 2017. . Their family life at that time was very difficult because there was nowhere to go. After the fire, because there was nothing left except the clothes covering the body, Hidayah’s husband looked for things such as discarded chairs or washing machines to use. The damaged goods were repaired because they had no money. All the items in his rental house were not bought, but instead collected from the trash. The family lives in such poor conditions that they have to collect leftover food that is thrown away at the night market site to fill their stomachs. Hidayah and her husband will choose and taste the food first. If it is still good they will take it back home to eat with the children. Because of that, Hidayah does not want her children to go through the same thing again. She is willing to work hard to ensure that she can provide food, buy milk and disposable diapers for all her children every month. Although the supply of milk and food was cut off for a week due to the slow arrival of the zakat money, Hidayah did her best to ensure that her children did not go hungry.

Three faithful brothers wait for their mother to leave and not return

These three brothers are still small and don’t understand anything, but at an early age, they have faced a severe test when they lost their mother’s love overnight when the woman who gave birth to them breathed her last after being involved in a road accident while on the way to work. , last January. Although it’s been four months since the tragedy happened, these three children still don’t understand the unfortunate incident that made them lose their place to depend on. Every day as soon as they wake up, they wait at the door crying and always asking when their mother, Nurul Chasanah Ahmad Sobirin, 35, will come home. More heartbreaking, Mohammad Aryan Hafizuddin, 5; Mohammad Harraz Naufal, 4, and Raisya Maryam, 1, also lost love when their father, known as Abdullah, 30, disappeared after returning to Indonesia in mid-2019 when Nurul Chasanah was pregnant with her youngest child. Now these three children are staying with their grandmother, Husnul Fatimah Mustofa; 64 and uncle, Khorrudin Taqwalloh, 44, along with his six other siblings who took over the responsibility of looking after the child. Khorrudin along with his two other siblings will keep the three of them separately. The decision was taken after considering the future of the children involved in addition to thinking that their mother is getting old. . Although these three brothers are easy to take care of and don’t have much hassle, their mother is no longer strong enough to take care of them. In addition, he also thought about the high expenses that will be incurred when they go to school later. The care of these three siblings costs around RM700 a month since all three of them still wear disposable diapers and drink milk.

Women with bone and stomach cancer are worried about the burden of treatment costs

Despite not being able to go out to work to earn a living for the family because he is taking care of his wife who is no longer able to move and is only bedridden due to bone and stomach cancer, however, Rehmatullah Muhammad Anwar, 48, is trying to ensure that his wife receives the best treatment and recovers as before despite the burden of expensive treatment costs. Rasila Begum Abdullah, 37, only found out she had bone cancer six years ago after doctors detected her illness after falling at home and was treated at Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL). The incident caused his right leg to be broken due to bone decay and had to be ironed. He said that the cancer had been ‘rooted’ in his body since 2010, but was only detected five years later. The cancer is already at stage four and is difficult to treat as the germs have spread to his right leg. Adding to the surprise, when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2018 after the cancer cells spread causing his stomach to swell and he was no longer able to move and was bedridden. Even though he calmed down with his fate and accepted the test of the disease with an open heart, however, only a miracle could save Rasila following because the bone cancer was already stage four in addition to suffering from stomach cancer. In a state of abandonment, Rasila is unable to carry out the responsibility of managing the family. Now the responsibility of managing the house is completely taken over by her husband. Rehmatullah could not continue working because he was worried about his wife’s condition if left alone at home without supervision. They cannot expect the children to take care of Rasila full time because she is still in school. Due to the husband not being able to work, the family’s financial problems are getting worse because the savings are shrinking and there is no source of income. Adding to the concern because the cost of Rasila’s treatment is high in addition to thinking about the expenses of two more children who are still studying. This family only depends on the monthly assistance provided by the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) amounting to RM200 and Baitulmal amounting to RM250 per month, in addition to expecting kindness from neighbors and friends. Although grateful for the help, it is not enough because they have to pay off the house rent amounting to RM300 per month in addition to utility bills, the expenses of two children who are still in school and Rasila’s medical treatment.


A single father appeals for the cost of surgery for the sake of the children

The life of Musraini Mustapar Kamar, 44, changed in the blink of an eye when he fell while working as an electrician at a company in Port Dickson in 2017 and suffered from a chronic slipped disc as a result of the incident. He was then laid off at the end of 2018, after he was no longer able to carry out his duties so he had to beg for the mercy of others in order to make ends meet. Even sadder, Musraini used to eat stale food because he had no money in his pocket. His health problems became chronic after he was involved in a road accident while returning home from visiting his father who was bedridden due to a stroke in Air Mawang, Johol, early last year. As a result, Musraini’s movement is very limited and his legs become limp and difficult to move. He is now unable to work because he cannot stand or sit for more than 10 minutes because his spine will feel pain. Due to his condition, no employer is interested in hiring him even though he has tried to find a job. He then underwent an examination at a specialist hospital in Melaka on the advice of an individual who supposedly wanted to sponsor the cost of the examination. As a result of an MRI and CT Scan, the titanium screw installed in his spine was found to be broken due to the accident. It is believed to be the cause of Musraini’s deteriorating health. The doctor advised that Musraini undergo surgery to replace the broken screw and need to add four more new screws to help him lead a normal life. The surgery involved is estimated at RM65,000. However, according to Musraini, the individual who promised to help him suddenly disappeared, causing him to owe RM4,000 to the hospital involved. Because I have not worked for too long, the savings and contributions in Account 2 of the EPF (Employee Provident Fund) have been used up to pay the house installment amounting to RM580 per month. He is worried he will be evicted if the house is auctioned. He also failed to carry out the responsibility of providing for three children due to having no source of income. The arrival of the glorious moon tickled his heart, which greatly missed the three heart gems from his previous marriage, as it had been a year since he had seen them. His children, two boys and a girl between the ages of seven and 11, are now being looked after by his ex-in-laws in Pontian after his ex-wife remarried. Musraini wants to undergo surgery because she wants to live a normal life and find a job because she wants to take care of her children. However, that wish can only be realized if he manages to raise funds of RM65,000 to undergo surgery.


UMP graduates appeal for RM12,000 to repair, replace ‘lives’

Juliza Ameruddin, 31, who suffers from chronic asthma or ‘Brittle Bronchial Asthma’ and ‘Secondary Osteopenia’ remained enthusiastic to continue her studies until she managed to hold a degree, last year after seven years of postponing her studies due to the disease she suffered from. To continue living, Juliza had to rely entirely on a portable breathing machine known as Long-Term Oxygen Therapy (LTOT) and BiPAP (used while sleeping). After seven years of postponing his studies, the graduate of the Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Computer Graphics Science, Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) resumed all his studies with three semesters remaining in 2017, after being contacted by the university who informed him that registration for the September session last year was his last chance to continue study. Refusing to admit defeat in fighting the disease she suffered from, the opportunity given by the university was not wasted in pursuit of her dreams even though Juliza had to carry her ‘life’ (the LTOT machine) everywhere for the rest of her life. However, Juliza is now facing a problem as the two ventilators that sustain her life need to be replaced, repaired and maintained. Juliza was stuck because the LTOT machine used needed to be replaced and cost a huge sum of RM21,000 since it was imported from the United Kingdom (UK). It is even more disturbing when the BiPAP machine which costs RM12,000 also needs to be repaired with an estimated repair cost of RM3,000. The overall cost to buy and repair the two pieces of equipment amounted to RM24,000. Although Juliza receives assistance of RM700 a month from Baitulmal, the aid agency only covers half of the cost of the machine.

A small ‘heaven’ shed for six sheltered children

A small shed built from used wood and discarded boards became the residence of Azwa Marsiratul Huda Abdul Halim, 34; with husband Mohd Saiful Jalal Ramli, 37; and her four children, Siti Noraisyah Karmila, 14; Muhammad Haziq Haqeem, 11; Nur Sofea Qistina, 9; and Nur Aina Sumaiyah, 7; This poor little shed was built on his father’s land. Azwa’s husband is not working regularly because he is blind in one eye and takes wages cutting trees and doing various jobs. Defect in one eye to the point of blindness due to a machine exploding at his workplace. . With an uncertain income since all four children are already in school, this family is facing financial problems. Azwa who delivered cookies to the boarding school near the house was terminated as there were not many students attending school. As the income dwindled, the family did not have enough money to repair the leaky roof. Only rely on the canvas under the zinc roof to prevent rainwater from flooding their house, especially in the bedroom. In addition, the electricity supply is often interrupted since their house does not have a perfect electrical wiring system. Please help this poor family.

Bedridden due to a stroke, house rent in arrears for 2 months

Maimun Said, 50, suffered his first stroke in October last year before suffering another similar attack last January. The attack is believed to be caused by the chronic high blood pressure he had previously suffered from. A second stroke worsens the bleeding that occurred in the brain before. The bleeding caused Maimun to be bedridden, unable to speak let alone move his body and had to rely on the help of the children to take care of himself. This mother of eight was also tested when her five children were neglected. Only the three youngest children can be expected to take care of him who is abandoned. Previously his son was working, but to ensure Maimun’s safety, he sacrificed by quitting his job and taking care of his mother full time. The responsibility of earning a living is now borne by his daughter working in a factory with a monthly salary of RM1,200 to cover the expenses of the four of them. Adding to the burden, with his meager income, his son has to bear the medical costs and Maimun’s disposable diapers, which require high expenses every month. In addition, the house rent amounting to RM700 per month, has been overdue for two months. As a result of financial constraints, Maimun’s youngest son who is still in Form Three dropped out of school because he could not afford a personal computer following the implementation of Teaching and Learning at Home (PdPR) which became an alternative to learning the new norm.


The former News Editor suffered from stage 4 tongue cancer

At first, Azran Md Jaffar, 54, thought that the frequent tooth and gum pain he experienced for two years was just a normal illness, until a small lump appeared on his neck that he thought was mumps. . He was diagnosed with stage four tongue cancer with three-quarters of his tongue already infected, especially the base of the tongue and the front of the tongue, as soon as the doctor at Ampang Hospital made a diagnosis of his disease a year ago, after Azran vomited blood that filled a plastic bag. As soon as he was diagnosed with cancer, Azran underwent surgery around June last year to install a tube in his stomach in addition to piercing his neck to breathe because when undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment, his tongue would harden and he could not breathe through his nose or mouth, because of that, his neck had to be pierced. He only drinks special milk costing RM85 a can which is inserted through a tube in his stomach to keep him alive, because the doctor does not recommend any other food including porridge, for fear of choking and causing other complications if the food enters the lungs. Because of that, the family spends a lot to buy special milk because every day, a can is allocated because Azran needs to drink every three hours. To ensure he gets enough nutrients, the doctor recommends mixing eight scoops of milk for each serving. If there is concern in you, help him by giving a little contribution for his survival. May our charity be accepted by Allah swt. Amin


Terdesak jual kereta, berhutang demi beli beg stoma

Tidak menyangka tindakan membenarkan rakan memandu keretanya sehingga menyebabkan mereka terbabit dalam nahas jalan raya ketika dalam perjalanan pulang dari bekerja kerja di Jerantut pada 2019, mengubah 360 darjah kehidupan Wan Muhammad Ardani Mohamad Yusoff, 26 atau lebih mesra disapa Along.

Angkara kecuaian rakannya, Along kini terpaksa bergantung kepada penggunaan beg stoma selepas ususnya bocor dalam kemalangan itu. Along yang tertidur ketika kemalangan yang hampir meragut nyawanya itu turut patah tulang pinggul selain paru-paru bocor akibat tertusuk tulang rusuk yang patah. Ibarat jatuh ditimpa tangga, kenderaannya yang remuk teruk dalam nahas itu gagal dalam tuntutan insurans dan diisyhtiharkan ‘total loss’.

Along yang menjadi ‘dahan’ keluarganya bergantung, terlantar lebih enam bulan selepas kemalangan dan hilang punca pendapatan sehingga memaksa ibunya Haliza Sahari,48, terpaksa bekerja sebagai pengemas bilik resort dengan gaji RM50 sehari, berulang alik menunggang motosikal sejauh 34km setiap hari dari Ketari ke Janda Baik, semata-mata demi menampung kos beg stoma dan ubatnya. Tertekan dengan keadaan diri yang terlantar ditambah tiada punca pendapatan, Along yang buntu memikirkan cara mengumpul wang untuk membeli beg stoma, mengambil keputusan menjual bangkai keretanya di kedai besi buruk dengan harga RM260.

Dia juga berhutang dengan wakil rakyat hampir RM20,000 untuk menampung keperluan membeli beg stoma yang menelan belanja RM1,000 sebulan. Pemuda yang tidak tahu membaca ini tidak menerima sebarang bantuan daripada pihak berwajib dan sudah dua kali permohonannya ditolak tanpa diketahui sebabnya.

Walaupun tidak mampu melakukan kerja berat, pemuda cekal ini kini bekerja sebagai kelindan lori ‘towing’ dengan gaji RM300 sebulan untuk membeli beg stoma dan tidak mahu menyusahkan ibunya. Memandangkan perbelanjaan beg stoma terlalu mahal, Along akan membeli mengikut kemampuan. Jika dia menerima RM20, dengan wang itulah dia membeli beg stoma, kapas dan pelekat khas. Beg stoma kini menjadi keutamannya Along berbanding keperluan lain. Dia sanggup tidak berganti baju asalkan dapat membeli beg stoma.


Terpaksa sewa katil demi keselesaan bapa terlantar strok

Demi memastikan kesihatan bapa yang terlantar akibat strok sejak setahun lalu terjaga rapi, wanita ini rela berkorban dan sanggup mengutamakan perbelanjaan penjagaan kesihatan bapanya itu walaupun pendapatan bulanan yang diperoleh tidak seberapa. Tambah malang, wanita yang juga ibu tunggal kepada empat anak ini turut diuji apabila disahkan menghidap kanser buah dada tahap tiga tahun lalu. Dengan penyakit dihidapinya, dia tidak mampu melakukan pekerjaan berat atas nasihat doktor dan terpaksa mencari rezeki dengan mengasuh dan mengajar anak-anak jiran mengaji al-Quran. Dengan pendapatan RM400 sebulan,  Ruzia Shamsudin, 46, perlu melunaskan sewa katil bapanya, Shamsudin Husain, 71 dengan bayaran sekitar RM250 sebulan (termasuk kos pengurusan). Namun, hakikatnya jumlah sewa itu tidak mampu ditanggung Ruzia. Walaupun pendapatan tidak seberapa, Ruzia menyimpan azam untuk membeli sebuah katil untuk keselesaan bapanya kelak. Selain perlu menanggung bapa, Ruzia juga memikul tanggungjawab membesarkan empat anak dengan tiga daripadanya masih dibangku sekolah selepas berpisah dengan bekas suami.  Akibat kesempitan hidup, Ruzia kini buntu memikirkan bagaimana untuk menjelaskan bayaran pengurusan rumah yang tertunggak sebanyak RM18,000 sejak beberapa tahun lalu.


3 beranak terpaksa kongsi selipar lantaran kesempitan hidup

Tiada siapa menyangka rumah yang begitu daif, berlantaikan simen yang binaannya ala kadar dan bumbung yang bocor di sana sini, dianggap seperti ‘istana’ bagi Rohani Mohd Nor, 37, dan suami, Mohamad Syahril Md Anuar, 41, serta lima anak mereka, Az-Zubair Al-Awwam, 18; Al-Alif Al-Awwam, 17; Al-Ikbar Al-Awwam, 13; Puteri Aleeya Alisha, 12; dan Puteri Aleeya Aishah, 9 bulan.

‘Syurga’itulah menjadi tempat mereka berteduh sejak sepuluh tahun lalu. Rumah terbabit dahulunya didiami buruh warga Indonesia atas sebidang tanah di sebuah lokasi agak terpencil berhampiran ladang kelapa sawit di FELDA Lurah Bilut, Bentong, Pahang. Namun, Rohani yang mesra membahasakan dirinya sebagai Ani, amat bersyukur kerana keluarganya masih mempunyai tempat berlindung tambah pula empat anaknya masih bersekolah.

Tambah membebankan anak sulung dan kedua akan menduduki peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) tahun ini.

Bebanan kewangan sememangnya menghimpit, apatah lagi kehidupan mereka bergantung sepenuhnya dengan pendapatan suami sebanyak RM300 sebulan dengan mengambil upah mengerjakan ladang kelapa sawit dan kerja kampung, tambah pula mereka dikurniakan anak kecil kurang setahun lalu.

Makan minum seharian juga tidak menentu. Jika ada wang dapatlah mereka membeli lauk, kalau tidak, tujuh beranak itu hanya makan cucur tepung sahaja. Ani juga hanya memberikan anak wang syiling untuk berbelanja di sekolah dan jika tiada wang dalam simpanan anak-anaknya tidak akan ke sekolah.
Lantaran kesempitan hidup, Ani terpaksa berkongsi selipar dengan dua lagi anaknya.
Katanya, bukan tidak mahu membeli sepasang selipar untuk setiap anaknya, tetapi lebih banyak keperluan yang perlu didahulukan.

Justeru, dia rela berkongsi selipar asalkan dapat menyediakan kemudahan pembelajaran dan membeli makanan bagi memastikan mereka dapat tidur lena kekenyangan.


Rela ikat perut demi penuhi wasiat terakhir anak

Azina Ab Rahman,58, seorang nenek yang terpaksa mengerah keringat walaupun menghidap strok dengan membanting tulang dari jam 7.30 pagi hingga 6 petang demi memenuhi wasiat terakhir arwah anak keduanya, Siti Hazirah Mohammad yang mati mengejut selepas mengalami demam panas pada 2019.

Dia kini bersama anak sulungnya Siti Azizon, 41, menggalas memelihara dan membesarkan lima cucu yang masih kecil selepas anaknya meninggal dunia.
Dengan pendapatan bersih Siti Azizon yang hanya sebanyak RM1,600 sebulan dia juga perlu menanggung 4 anaknya termasuk seorang anak kelainan upaya (OKU).

Kehidupan mereka amat tersepit kerana perlu menjelaskan sewa rumah sebanyak RM1,000 sebulan. Dengan baki RM600 itulah mereka membeli lampin pakai buang dan susu cucunya serta beras sebanyak 20 kilogram sebulan selain peruntukan untuk persekolahan tujuh cucu yang lain. Siti Azizon juga membanting tulang dengan bekerja sambilan mencuci pinggan sebaik habis tugas pada jam 6 petang sehingga jam 12 malam setiap hari demi memastikan perut 11 lagi ahli keluarga di bawah tanggungannya terisi.



Terdesak curi makanan, ubat demi anak demam

Ida (bukan nama sebenar), 36, hilang pekerjaan sebagai pengasuh, manakala suaminya yang bertugas sebagai juruteknik penyelenggaraan lif juga hilang kerja selepas pelaksanaan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) dan hanya bergantung kepada permintaan membaiki tandas jiran untuk menampung kehidupan mereka lima beranak.

Dalam situasi cukup mendesak, tiada pendapatan tetap dan wang simpanan mendorong Ida mencuri demi kesihatan anak kecil berusia tiga tahun.
Kisahnya mencuri Koolfever, sosej dan kek pandan bernilai RM58 tular selepas Ketua Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya, Asisten Komisioner Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal menghulurkan bantuan di kediamannya di PPR Lembah Subang pada 21 Januari lalu.

Ida kesal dengan tindakannya mencuri tanpa berfikir panjang, berazam untuk tidak mengulangi kesalahan itu dan berterima kasih kerana pihak polis tidak mengambil Tindakan atas jenayah yang dilakukannya.


Rela korban kerjaya demi urus ibu terlantar

Ian Affandi Mohd Din,52,  diberhentikan kerja ketika pelaksanaan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) Mac tahun lalu,  namun apabila ibunya Aminah Sadin, 72, diserang strok ketika sambutan Aidiladha, beliau yang sebelum ini menetap di Pasir Gudang pulang ke Petaling Jaya memandangkan ibunya memerlukan bantuan sama ada untuk menyuap makanan, memakai lampin dewasa atau ke bilik air berikutan ibunya tidak berdaya untuk menguruskan diri sendiri. Bimbangkan keselamatan ibunya jika ditinggalkan bersendirian dan berlaku perkara tidak diingini, Ian Affandi terpaksa melupakan hasrat mencari pekerjaan baharu.


Buntu cari dana tampung kos pembedahan skoliosis anak

Pelaksanaan Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) yang diumumkan Menteri Kanan (Keselamatan), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, pada 19 Januari lalu menyebabkan Murni Mansor, 47 semakin buntu memikirkan cara mengumpul wang untuk pembedahan membetulkan tulang belakang anaknya, , Shafiyah Laiyinah, 15, yang membengkok akibat menghidap penyakit skoliosis.

Murni yang hanya bekerja sebagai pembantu tukang masak di sebuah syarikat katering dengan pendapatan RM1,500 sebulan, kini hilang mata pencarian selepas syarikat itu tidak dapat beroperasi.
Beliau yang juga seorang ibu tunggal amat bimbang memikirkan keadaan anaknya yang dijadualkan akan menjalani pembedahan pada 16 Mac ini berikutan masih tidak cukup RM20,000 sedangkan kos keseluruhan pembedahan berjumlah RM35,000.


Nekad mohon cerai anak hampir diperkosa suami durjana

Siapa sangka lelaki yang dinikahi dan diharapkan menjadi pelindung diri dan anak-anak selepas dua kali kematian suami rupanya ‘musang berbulu ayam’  apabila mengkhianati kepercayaan itu apabila anak gadisnya hampir menjadi mangsa nafsu serakah bapa tiri sendiri. Lelaki durjana itu tetap menjadi ‘haruan makan anak’ selepas beberapa kali anak gadisnya hampir menjadi mangsa rogol, wanita ini akhirnya tekad meminta cerai pada Ogos tahun lalu.  Disebabkan gaji yang murah di Pahang,  Kak Mas mengambil keputusan berhijrah ke Kuala Lumpur sebaik bercerai bersama dua anaknya berusia 19 dan 17 tahun.

Di Kuala Lumpur, Kak Mas diterima bekerja sebagai pengawal keselamatan dengan gaji bersih RM900 sebulan namun dia tidak tahu berapa lama mampu bekerja berikutan menghidap diabetes kronik. Disebabkan penyakit itu, setiap malam kakinya  membengkak dan kebas akibat kerosakan saraf. Disebabkan tidak tahu selok belok jalan di Kuala Lumpur selain waktu kerja 12 jam Kak Mas sudah setahun tidak menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan dan terputus bekalan ubat. Dia tidak mampu untuk mengambil cuti kerana gaji akan dipotong sebanyak RM100 sehari.  Jika mengikut hati dia mahu bekerja tujuh hari seminggu kerana kos sara hidup yang tinggi. 


Gadis Mualaf reda tempuhi ujian dalami Islam

Siapa sangka hadiah tafsir al-Quran kecil daripada ustazah di sekolahnya menjadi titik permulaan gadis manis berbangsa Tionghua ini terbuka hati mendalami agama Islam sebelum mengambil keputusan menukar agama dua tahun selepas peristiwa itu berlaku.

Khadijah Wong Sook Li, 28, memeluk Islam ketika berusia 20 tahun ketika masih menuntut dalam Tingkatan Enam di Pasir Mas, Kelantan. Namun, anak kelahiran Kuala Lipis ini berkata, bergelar saudara baharu bukanlah perkara mudah, tidak seperti mereka yang dilahirkan sebagai seorang Islam.

Bergelar mualaf, cabaran yang ditempuhi lebih hebat terutama berdepan cabaran belajar membaca al-Quran. Disebabkan itu Khadijah yang sudah lapan tahun menganut agama suci ini berkata, beliau masih belajar dan mencari inisiatif sendiri seperti menonton video di saluran Youtube supaya dapat khatam al-Quran secepat mungkin.


Calon SPM tercicir kelas online tak mampu beli komputer, data internet

Seorang calon Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), Abdul Raziq Abdul Hakim, 17, dari Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Dato Hamzah, Klang, Selangor, tidak dapat mengikuti sepenuhnya kelas online kerana tidak memiliki komputer selain tidak mampu untuk membayar data internet untuk mengikuti kelas kerana berasal daripada keluarga kurang berkemampuan.

Bapa remaja ini, Abdul Hakim Ali, tidak mempunyai pekerjaan tetap selepas ditimpa kemalangan kira-kira tiga tahun yang lalu. Kecederaan tangan yang dialami akibat kemalangan itu menyebabkan Abdul Hakim tidak mampu melakukan kerja-kerja berat dan kini bekerja sebagai pembantu kedai makan untuk menyara keluarganya, Manakala ibunya, Fazilah Hasan, pula tidak mampu bekerja berikutan keadaan kesihatan yang tidak mengizinkan dan tidak mampu melakukan kerja-kerja berat kerana baharu sahaja menjalani pembedahan usus.

Abdul Raziq bersama ibu bapa dan dua adik perempuannya menyewa sebuah bilik di atas sebuah rumah kedai di Klang, Selangor. Di dalam bilik kecil inilah mereka sekeluarga tidur, memasak dan belajar.

Keluarga ini mengharapkan bantuan zakat dan simpati daripada saudara mara serta jiran tetangga untuk membayar sewa bilik sebanyak RM350 sebulan.


Terpaksa berhutang demi pastikan perut tiga anak terisi

Kehidupan Norlia Mansor, 41, berubah sepenuhnya sebaik diserang strok pada 2018. Norlia kini menghabiskan masa dengan terbaring di atas katil akibat penyakit itu.

Pergerakkannya terbatas dan terpaksa mengharapkan bantuan anak-anaknya untuk menguruskan diri.

Keluarga ini dihimpit masalah kerana perlu menyediakan lampin khas untuk kegunaan Norlia selain keperluan persekolahan tiga anaknya.

Ada ketika, Norlia terpaksa menebalkan muka berhutang dengan penghantar makanan kerana tiada wang membeli makanan untuk anak-anaknya. Kerana kesempitan hidup sudah dua bulan sewa rumah dan elektrik tertunggak.

Malah, bekalan lampin pakai buang Norlia terputus dan dia juga tidak dapat membeli susu khas yang dicadangkan doktor untuk pesakit strok kerana tidak mampu membelinya.


Bangsal daif tempat wanita dan 6 anak kecil berteduh selepas diusir bekas suami

Rumah daif sebesar bangsal di Kampung Sungai Perling Baru, Lorong 4, Taman Perling, Johor Bahru, Johor, menjadi tempat seorang ibu tunggal, Awin, 31, (bukan nama sebenar), bersama enam anaknya berusia antara 3 hingga 10 tahun berteduh, selepas diusir bekas suami sebaik bercerai.

Namun rumah berkenaan tidak selamat berikutan sistem pendawaian yang tidak sempurna dengan wayar eletrik berjuntai di sana sini selain lambakan sampah sarap di sekeliling rumah.

Keselamatan tujuh beranak ini juga terancam terutama ketika musim hujan kerana kawasan berkenaan sering dinaiki air kerana kedudukannya yang bersebelahan Sungai Perling.


Ibu tua tinggal sebatang kara dalam timbunan sampah

Dalam usia senja, Safiah Sulong, 71, terpaksa menggagahkan diri mengutip barang kitar semula demi sesuap nasi akibat kesempitan hidup. Hidup ibu tua ini penuh keperitan dan terpaksa tinggal di dalam rumah yang sangat daif yang tiada jalan masuk lantaran dipenuhi timbunan sampah sarap sisa daripada barangan kitar semula yang dikutipnya. Beliau terpaksa bekerja keras mencari barangan kitar semula kerana tiada kudrat membuat pekerjaan berat. Dengan tenaga tidak seberapa, mengutip barangan terbiar adalah pekerjaan yang mampu dilakukan untuk menampung hidupnya yang sudah hampir ke penghujung.


Terpaksa tangguh pembedahan dihimpit masalah kewangan

Mohd Hafis Mohammed Yusuf, 36, terpaksa menanggung kesakitan yang berpanjangan sejak sebahagian tempurung kepalanya dibuang akibat serangan strok yang hampir meragut nyawanya Mei lalu.

Serangan strok tersebut menyebabkan separuh badan bekas mekanik ini lumpuh dan hilang upaya untuk menutur perkataan. Mohd Hafis memerlukan perhatian khusus sepenuh masa dari isteri beliau, Juriah Shamsudin, 35, yang bekerja sebagai kerani bercuti tanpa gaji.

Pasangan yang dikurniakan dua cahaya mata ini terpaksa menangguhkan pembedahan kedua untuk memasang tempurung kepala palsu akibat kos pembedahan yang amat tinggi serta dihimpit masalah kewangan dan tiada wang simpanan.

YBIM menyeru kepada para dermawan untuk tampil membantu beliau semoga cepat pulih dari kesakitan yang dialaminya.


Nekad keluar rumah, berpisah dengan anak tak tahan dipukul suami

Wani, 39, (bukan nama sebenar) keluar sehelai sepinggang bersama anak kecil berusia dua tahun dan meninggalkan tiga lagi anak akibat tidak tahan menjadi mangsa keganasan rumah tangga. Lebih 19 tahun sepak terajang suami menjadi ‘makanan ruji’ Wani dan anak-anaknya menyebabkan wanita ini nekad meninggalkan rumah selepas suami ‘naik minyak’ hanya kerana gagal menghubunginya. Beliau yang dalam proses bercerai menyewa sebuah bilik yang tidak selesa dan tidur berlapikkan selimut nipis di atas lantai. Lantaran keadaan itu dan tidak mempunyai sumber pendapatan, Wani terpaksa menghantar anak kecilnya ke kampung untuk dijaga ibu bapanya kerana tidak mampu membeli susu, lampin pakai buang dan makanan untuk si kecil. Malu untuk menyusahkan ibu bapa yang sudah lanjut usia, Wani terpaksa mengikat perut dan berjimat-cermat dengan RM20 yang tinggal dalam poketnya. Wanita ini sedang berusaha mengumpul modal untuk memulakan perniagaan nasi kerabu dan laksam untuk membina hidup baharu dan berazam mengambil semua anak secepat mungkin.


Berbekal RM100 untuk sara hidup bulanan di kampus

Nurashikin Abdullah, 21, satu-satunya anak dalam keluarga yang berjaya melanjutkan pengajian ke menara gading. Disebabkan oleh kos sara hidup di kampus yang tinggi, gadis manis ini terpaksa berjimat dan mengikat perut dengan wang saku bulanan RM100 yang diberikan oleh bapanya yang bekerja sebagai penoreh getah. Beliau tidak mahu menyusahkan keluarganya lebih-lebih lagi apabila bapanya hanya tinggal RM50 untuk belanja rumah selepas memperuntukkan RM100 itu untuk kegunaannya di kampus.


Ibu tunggal rayu bantuan tampung kos rawatan dialisis anak

 Suryia Kamaruzaman, 37, yang juga seorang ibu tunggal terpaksa menjual kuih di wad untuk menyara hidup bersama anak yang perlu menjalani rawatan hemodialisis. Mereka terpaksa menempuh perjalanan sejauh 135km 3 kali seminggu ke Simpang Renggam memandangkan tiada kekosongan di pusat hemodialisis di Johor Bahru. Wanita cekal ini buntu memikirkan cara untuk menampung kos tambang membawa anaknya mendapatkan rawatan hemodialisis kerana perlu memperuntukkan RM100 setiap kali rawatan. Tambah membimbangkan apabila masalah kewangan semakin meruncing berikutan bil air tertunggak sejak Mac lalu sehingga menyebabkan meter air rumahnya dipotong baru-baru ini .


Hilang sumber pendapatan kaki dipotong akibat diabetes

Mohd Yazli Yahya, 39 tidak pernah menduga luka kecil yang dialami di jari kaki tahun lalu menyebabkan dia kehilangan kaki bermula dari paras bawah lutut akibat komplikasi kencing manis. Tambah malang apabila dia tidak dapat meneruskan pekerjaan sebagai pengawal keselamatan yang menjadi sumber rezeki selepas kehilangan kaki. Isterinya juga terpaksa berhenti kerja berikutan perlu menumpukan sepenuh perhatian menjaga Yazli yang tidak mampu bergerak sendiri untuk menguruskan keperluan diri termasuk untuk ke bilik air. Sejak hilang sumber pendapatan keluarga ini terpaksa bergantung kepada ihsan jiran dan rakan yang prihatin dengan keadaan mereka. Keadaan rumah yang tidak mesra OKU juga menyebabkan Yazli tidak pernah keluar rumah sejak kakinya dipotong tahun lalu. Reda dengan ujian hidup, Yazli bertekad untuk tidak menjadikan kekurangan fizikal sebagai alasan untuk tidak melakukan sebarang pekerjaan. Beliau memohon untuk mendapatkan kaki palsu bagi membantunya berjalan semula dan mampu keluar mencari rezeki untuk menampung keperluan keluarganya.


Suami buta, isteri kaki mengecut harap ihsan jiran beri makanan

Abd Rashid Md Ali, 63, yang cacat penglihatan dan isterinya Zainon Abd Hamid, 48 tinggal bersendirian di flat Perumahan Awam Sri Pulau Pinang, di Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Pasangan suami isteri ini berdepan ujian getir kerana isterinya turut mengalami masalah kesihatan sehingga tidak dapat berdiri dan berjalan dengan betul. Kaki Zainon tiba-tiba mengecut selepas mengalami demam panas setelah melahirkan anak ketiga mereka. Sudah lebih 16 tahun Zainon menderita penyakit berkenaan. Walaupun dikurniakan tiga cahaya mata, namun anak-anak hanya menjenguk sekiranya salah seorang daripada mereka jatuh sakit. Keadaan rumah yang didiami pasangan ini juga tidak terurus dan penuh dengan barang yang berselerak. Mereka juga terpaksa mengharapkan pemberian makanan daripada  jiran yang bermurah hati  dan prihatin dengan nasib pasangan suami isteri ini kerana mereka tidak boleh memasak sendiri berikutan pergerakan yang terhad berikutan masalah yang dihadapi mereka.


Derita berganda ibu kanser ovari, anak OKU hidap kelenjar tiroid

Sudahlah diuji dengan menghidap kanser ovari tahap tiga, Suraida Mohammad,44, yang turut menderita penyakit kencing manis dan darah tinggi turut berdepan ujian getir apabila permata hatinya, Nur Amiera Maisarah, 11, disahkan menghidap penyakit kelenjar tiroid ketika berusia tiga tahun. Penyakit itu menyebabkan anaknya mengalami masalah pembelajaran berikutan tumbesaran dan perkembangan otaknya terencat akibat kekurangan hormon Thyroxine yang penting untuk tumbesaran dan perkembangan otak kanak-kanak. Tambah malang apabila suaminya, Ridzuan Abdul Raman,49, yang bekerja sebagai pekerja am sebuah pasar raya diberhentikan kerja akibat pandemik Covid-19. Sepanjang PKP keluarga ini terpaksa mengharapkan belas ihsan keluarga memandangkan mereka tiada langsung wang simpanan dan suami Suraida tidak dapat keluar mencari pekerjaan. Mereka buntu memandangkan tidak mampu menampung kos perubatan dan susu khas yang memakan belanja tinggi setiap bulan.


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وَيُطْعِمُونَ الطَّعَامَ عَلَىٰ حُبِّهِ مِسْكِينًا وَيَتِيمًا وَأَسِيرًا

Meaning: They (members of heaven) also feed the food items that they desire and like, to the poor and orphans and captives. (Surah al-Insan, Verse 8)