Program with Members of Selangor Muslim Retirees Club (KPMS)

Alhamdulillah Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia together with the Selangor Muslim Pensioners Club (KPMS) has organized a Program with KPMS Members located at the Senior Citizens Complex, Section 24, Shah Alam.

The ceremony started with a prayer by Al fadhil Ustaz Azlan Abdul Jalil followed by a welcome speech by the Selangor Muslim Retired Club YDP, Puan Hajah Latifah Sidek. Founder and Chairman of Budi Ihsan Malaysia Foundation Dato’ Sr. Mr. Rosli B. Atan also delivered a few words.

The ceremony was also attended by representatives from TDC Holdings namely Puan Lela and Puan Nurmah for an information session about business opportunities with TDC Holdings.

Ustaz Shamsul Debat also attended this event to deliver a talk entitled “Coloring the Future of Muslim Pensioners” which also had a very positive impact on the KPMS members who attended. The intact synergy between YBIM and KPMS has been established for the past two years starting from participation in the Kembara Qurban program where the number of participants is increasing year by year.

This good cooperation opens space and opportunities for KPMS members to perform sacrificial worship easily and safely, through the organization of sacrificial worship by YBIM. Hopefully this cooperation will continue to flourish for all programs organized by YBIM & KPMS.