Post-flood Relief Mission : Back to School in Benus Village, Bentong, Pahang

Alhamdulillah, YBIM volunteers had the opportunity to carry out the Post-Flood Relief Mission: Back to School in Benus Village, Bentong, Pahang.

The rushing water from Sungai Bentong flowed in torrents, submerging many places there.

The water rose too fast, most of it reaching up to the roof level.

After the water receded, for the cleaning process, they had to break the ceiling because of the hardened plaster on the ceiling.

Imagine living in an area affected by floods. Damp dirt still covers most parts, which can be a medium for the spread of cholera, typhoid and “rat urine”.

They need all of our support and help. Accordingly, let us help them together, by donating to the Maybank account of Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia 566010633490 Every donation sir/ma’am, may God bless you, be a good witness on Judgment Day.

God willing