Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM) is an adaptation of a waqaf (a Muslim religious or charitable foundation created by an endowed trust fund) movement initiated by Saidina Uthman Bin Affan and Saidina Abdul Rahman Bin Auf. The original intent was to build wells for Muslims; eventually it became a waqaf bank.The idea that started small, ended up benefiting all Muslims till today.

Prior to the establishment of YBIM, I have personally helped the poor and asnaf in need. However, over time I feel that my effort is not enough and I wanted to contribute on a larger scale so that more asnaf will benefit from this program.

Therefore, YBIM was established with a different objective from other foundations by trying to be kind to weak institutions, including individuals and families of asnaf who have dropped out, especially in this country and implemented in stages to cross the border (redundant)

YBIM is built on a basis where we want to complement other institutions and individuals who shares the same goals as us in building a better life for asnafs

YBIM will not be a success without the mobilization of ideas, energy and contributions received from all parties such as institutions, individuals or government agencies in helping us realise the noble intentions of the establishment of YBIM

Finally, may all our ambitions and plans implemented receive blessings from Allah SWT because He knows everything.

Program Free Meals On Wheels :
Sabda Nabi SAW, “Sesungguhnya orang terbaik di antara kalian adalah orang yang memberi makan.”
– Riwayat at-Tabrani