Are you willing to let our fellow Muslims celebrate Aidilfitri in mourning?

When our family is happy to celebrate Raya, some are unable to smile.

Do you want to be the cause of their joy this Eid?

You may be a person who is seeking God's pleasure in this month of Syawal with the intention of doing as much charity as possible.

Did you know that donating in the month of Syawal is one of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW?

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Let's think for a moment..

..don’t say new Raya dress, to prepare food on Raya morning feels very difficult for them. Let us share the happiness of part of the sustenance that God gives with spend a Syawal Food Pack for 1 poor family.
May your Syawal food infaq get 700 times the reward from Allah swt. God willing.

Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM)

Even though Ramadan has gone, but the reward of charity will not disappear. Sharing sustenance in the month of Syawal is also one of the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Why 1001 Asnaf Syawal Food?

For everyone’s knowledge, the gift Juadah Syawal 1001 Asnaf very rarely done by NGOs in Malaysia.

We found that apparently there are still many small children from poor families who do not know and never feel meaning happy in the morning of Syawal.

Therefore, we are determined to continue helping the whole family with 1 Syawal 1001 Asnaf Food Box, which is loaded with food preparation ingredients such as ketupat, peanut sauce paste, rendang & other long-lasting cooking ingredients.
The objective is simple, we want them to also have the opportunity to taste the food that is usually served during Aidilfitri, like other people who can afford it.

1 Syawal 1001 Asnaf Food Box costs RM200.

Estimated for 6 people to eat – enough for 2 meals :
Breakfast & Lunch
Among the items in the box:

Who We Are & Why You Shouldn't Worry About Our Transparency

We are Yayasan Budi Ihsan Malaysia (YBIM), which has been founded since 2018 with the same objective as other charitable organizations but different in terms of approach which is caring for the poor and poor families who are ‘dropped out’ regardless of race, religion and descent, through several planned programs such as:

Suara Asnaf Magazine

YBIM's monthly magazine and as a platform for you to donate to the less fortunate.

MYHAUS program

Rehabilitating homes for the underprivileged with the help of the MYHAUS Program.

Qurban or Akikah program

Donations for the implementation of the Qurban or Aqiqah Program in the country and abroad.

Infaq Tamar Ramadhan

Delivering Ajwa's date donation to the family & the asnaf group to face Ramadan

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Alhamdulillah with God’s permission, we have succeeded in a program similar to this in 2020 , with very challenging conditions due to the effects of the pandemic attack.
The Syawal Food Program was successful & the feedback we get really gives us motivation to continue again help every year, but this time we want to target a higher collection so that more families can be helped. Last year’s collection, thank God we were able to help more than 1000 asnaf families in need.


This Syawal 2022..

we ask for your good service to also help us achieve a higher target which is to help...

Minimum of 3000 Poor Families in Malaysia.

Just a prayer & hope that the infaq we do in the month of Syawal will be the reason for us to enter the door of heaven called Babul Sadaqah which is the door of people who give a lot of charity. Allah willing.


Target 3000 Families. Can you help too?

Syawal Food End Date June 1, 2022 (11:59pm)


Come On, We Donate Now!

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Syawal Food Donation 1001 Asnaf

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